Indian Parents and Mobile Phones.

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We stand in such an era where technologies are slowly taking over our daily life. Be it in the kitchen or even for medical assistance, we are somewhat dependent on tech gadgets. Technology is the new boon for each generation. From microwaves to laptops, each and everything is a blessing. But, there are some people who are not quite happy with technology or precisely the “MOBILE PHONES”. Strange?

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No. For this section of the society, each and every problem that we go through is the result of being busy with PHONES. It is not that difficult to recognize them. Well, I am speaking of our Parents. Some of you must be disagreeing to this, but this happens. For example, If you are having a severe stomach ache, you go to your mom and say, ” Mom, my stomach is aching, what to do?” The best possible reply to come up  “yeh to hona hi tha, pura din toh mobile se hi chipke rehte ho”.

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For every Indian Parent, Mobiles and laptops are the main reason why their child is a spoiled brat. No, they won’t think of the friend circle, they won’t think once about the huge amount pampering they showed that ended up in the “Clingy behavior”. At the end of the day, Mobiles are the best thing to blame.

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Apart from this, be it the case of talking to anyone, if you are talking to someone and smile, then, your parents assume that you are in a relationship and so, they assume that the other person is not good. WHY? 

Kisi din iss mobile ko agg laga deni hai Mujhe” common wish of every Indian mom! correct isn’ it?  We study every day, every hour, they won’t see, just use for some milliseconds and hence you invite a great war. Happens?

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But at the end of the day, if you don’t pick up your “calls” you are in for a great trouble. Sometimes, I wonder, what to do, to use the phone or just let it go?”Mobiles and Indian Parents share a different bond that can’t be explained.” True that. We are none to judge their relationship.

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