India’s First Art Licensing workshop is being held and you can’t afford to miss it.

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In today’s world, the spectrum of the word “Art” is not limited. Everyone is an artist and everything is an Art. However, let’s talk about the real artists here, the paint brush, colors and crafts kind of artists.

In India, Art has held a long living heritage and has been one of the key ingredients that make us stand out of the crowd. A lot of artists love what they do but a large portion of them are not realizing the opportunities in their arts. 


Art Of Colour, a community of Artists all over India and IPMall, a popular IP licensing Startup are jointly organizing an event to help these artists. ArtOfColors in association with IP MALL is hosting an event on the subject of Art Licensing. It is an open-to-all, free event that will be held on 8th of July, 2017 in Gallery Gold, Kolkata.

This event will feature Ashrujit Basu, a successful IP lawyer who will be discussing on Art Licensing and how it can be helpful to artists, designers and others – both new and the established ones. This one of a kind event will deal in the concepts of IP and Art Licensing, how to digitally market your art, how to form agency contracts, copyright law, etc. and of course an open Q&A session at the end. 

Art licensing is an extremely important aspect of this profession. Artists who want to make their career in this domain must possess the knowledge of licensing and how to implement it to get the best results. Today, you’re as good as the papers show. This knowledge is indispensable and priceless. 

So if you are an artist, be there to explore what possibilities are there that you don’t know of yet.

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