India’s First Art Licensing Workshop marks the first steps towards Awareness of Art IP Protection in India.

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India’s first Art licensing workshop was conducted in Kolkata on 8th July 2017. The initiative was taken by ArtOfColors in association with IPMall.

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The main aim of the workshop was to educate artists all over the country about the prospects of their Arts and how they can make use of them through licensing.

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While interacting with young design minds at Licensing Workshop, as a speaker, I have found outa lott of questions and inquisitiveness arising out of hearing me talking about a new earning potentially for artists via Licensing route.“, said Ashrujit Basu, Founder of IPMall. 

Most of the Attendees, who are artists are now exploring the different genre of art like Digital Art that too moving out from their comfort zone whichever were once restricted to paint with brush style. 

As a speaker of IP-Art Licensing, I have also found that this new breed of Artists are very prone to exploitation by non-fare practicing entities if they are not well accumulated with Intellectual Property Rights. They might end up giving up their copyright to someone for so much little if are not mentored properly to understand the worth of their creations. IPMÀLL now thinking about creating more resources on IP Valuation process and practice so that these new artists can be educated on that part.” Added Basu.

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“This event was a learning experience for us and we are one step ahead of understanding young artistic minds from this space.” -The organizers.
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