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Standing on the three vertices, namely, Miami (Florida); San Juan (Puerto Rico), and mid-Atlantic Island of Bermuda, is the three legged nightmares of pilots and sailors, the Bermuda Triangle. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, this place holds the story of the most mysterious disappearance of a number ships and aeroplanes, for ages. On May 15, 2017, news of MU-2B, a private air craft whose wreckage was found, after it had disappeared from the raiders at 24,000 feet, shook the world and relit the terror of the triangle in our hearts. Is this a natural calamity? Are there any fairy tale deep sea monster? Is this the act of Flying Dutchman? Today we will see the possible facts, that may be a reason behind this mysterious activity that is seen, Inside The Bermuda Triangle.

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The Fight 19: A group of five Grumman TBM Avenger torpedo bombers, disappeared with its 14 airmen, on a December day of 1945. They lost their radio contact with the base after they reported that, they were entering a strange fog and none of their campuses was working. They could see land, but it was broken. They didn’t know where they were. After that, PBM-5, another aircraft, was sent for a search. But, as reports say, the search was unsuccessful due to an explosion caused by aviation gasoline in the flight. But what could be the reason behind malfunctioning of the radar? Bruce Gernon, famous for his encounter with the Bermuda Triangle, updated this mystery, by telling that the strange fog, was electromagnetic. Hence the reason why the flight loosed their radio contact, and why those compasses malfunctioned. Bruce also said that when he went inside a tunnel, that he found inside that fog, he felt strange spirals, encircled his plane. When he came out of the tunnel, he said he was told by Miami Control Tower, that he was flying over Miami, which was practically impossible. I mean how can some one cover a hundred miles in three minutes at a speed of 200 miles/hr. This still remains a mystery. But what is the cause of this electromagnetic fog, seen by Christopher Columbus himself?

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This triangular area is an admirer of a number of thunder storms, being situated in a low-pressure region. Scientists believe that the electricity of the thunder might have ionized the air and the overwhelming power of the ionized air must have generated the Electromagnetic Fog. Hence the reason why the compasses malfunctioned.

The Breath of the monster in the blue hole: The Region is also said to be famous for its whirlpools. The native of this area says these whirlpools are caused by the breath of the underwater monster, Lusca, whose inhale sucks everything inside. Bahama has an amazing landscape. The famous of them all is the blue holes. Gigantic under water cavities, that are said to be the dens of the great sea monsters. But what actually lies inside a blue hole. Dean’s Blue Hole is the biggest and the deepest of them all, till date. It has killed many ships till date by sucking them inside. Divers dived inside this blue to find the monster that lies within. Tom Ireland, a famous blue hole diver who dared for this said, the hole was bottle shaped. The walls shrunk inside and then again inflated, creating a sand clock like structure. In the lower side, there was a narrow tunnel whose other ends could not be fathomed. This tunnel sucked everything inside, with huge pressure, which he could feel when he drew closer to it.  There were ridges, tunnel, and fishers, that circulated the walls, and the might have been the cause of the circular flow of the water column.

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This flow and the suction must have been the cause of the whirlpool, that is often encountered in the Region, with the assumption that blue holes like this also exist there.

The USS Cyclopes: Proteus-class colliers, with 306 passengers, got lost in the middle of the sea. Perhaps the most mysterious incident of all in the Bermuda Sea. The ship was carrying manganese ore with it, like all her sisters, who carried other heavy metal ores. At 4th Marc 1918, the ship left for Baltimore and was rumoured to be sighted at 9th, by another ship, Amolco. It never made its destination, and when the captain of Amolco was asked, he denied seeing the ship. Weather reports say that at that particular day, a heavy storm was reported at the course of the ship. It was believed that a heavy tidal wave may have drowned her. But is it possible that one wave can be so huge that it can drown the whole ship?

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Scientist experimented in this and found that at a particular wind speed, a huge tidal wave can be generated, that is able to drown a huge metal body like the cyclopes. Such big tidal wave can also be caused by sliding of under water land. Although its wreckage was never found. Bermuda Triangle has the deepest under water trenches in the world, where wreckage can settle down, miles below the ocean, where it can’t be found.

The reasons that are stated for this mishaps are all assumption, and not evident enough. But still, these reasons are strong enough, to strike out reasons like giant squeed or sea monster or alien invasion. The Bermuda Triangle still remains the most dangerous place to visit, although the thirst of knowledge that humanity poses, may someday make the Bermuda Triangle an accessible area. This Shuvorup Ghosh, peace up.

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