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Watch How Irrfan Khan nails every dank meme in AIB’s new Video!

Dank Memes! Dank Memes! Dank Memes! That’s everything we hear all day on the internet. Not that we are complaining, because they are what keeps the internet interesting despite all the sob stories of teens and love drama.


and the recent notion of “dank memes” is hitting everyone hard that it even did not spare one of the finest actors of the country, Irrfan Khan!

In this latest video by AIB, Irrfan khan gets dressed and clicked as almost every Dank meme out there from “Hotline bling Drake” to “Ba****d Aunty”. Irrfan recently made the video with AIB for the promotion of Hindi Medium, Irrfan’s latest film that is set to be released on 19th May, 2017.

Let’s Take a look at the “Memefied” looks of Irrfan Khan.




Watch How Irrfan Khan nails every dank meme in AIB's new Video!


Well, it’s needless to say Irrfan totally nailed being memes. Watch the full video below:


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