Is Salman Khan cheating on his girlfriend?

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“The New Love Triangle” is in the making! Its not a movie but life of our Sallu Bhai. His current love interest – the Romanian Iulia Vantur is proving to be a possessive girlfriend. Salman recently threw a birthday party for his former girlfriend, Katrina Kaif which seems to be against the interest of the Romanian beauty.


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Love triangles are not new in the B-town. Our Bhaijaan has already tangled himself in many relationships but this new affair seems to be a serious one. This possessive girlfriend is a real suspecting one. She even questioned Salman Khan about it.

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After Katrina-Ranbir breakup, Salman seems to provide the Barbie Doll with emotional and mental support. Is Salman playing a double game? Is he trying to win over Katrina keeping Vantur in hand? The fate of the relationship still remains a mystery. And the new interest of Sallu is not just a show of humanity.

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Says a close friend,”look, a normal amount of empathy exists between the two now. They’ve shared a very close and long-lasting relationship and he has always been there for her whenever she needed him even when she was seeing with someone else. Now when she’s single she’s gravitating towards him for emotional and professional support. And he won’t flinch in providing her with any kind of helping hand that she needs, no matter how insecure it makes anyone else.”

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Indeed this “daal is pura hi kala hai”. Well, Bhaijan its high time tie a knot or you have to die a bachelor!

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