Is your boyfriend possessive?

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Is you boyfriend possessive?

“Is he possessive about you?” , her friends inquired.

“Yes!”, she replied with a smile.

“You can’t deal with possessive people.It seems all good in the beginning but later it is suffocating,so what does he do?”

“Asks you not to wear short clothes?”

“Asks you not to be on social media?”

“Asks you not to talk to other boys?”

“Asks you to talk to him all the time?”

“Asks you not to go out at night?”

“Asks you to share passwords?”

The questions from her gang of friends were like six bullets shot continuously.

They were gaping at her with their eyes wide open and heart filled with extreme enthusiasm to hear her part of the story of how it feels like to be a victim of  ‘possessiveness’.

“He is very possessive but in a way that he thinks I am him.

The way he loves himself and me, he wants me to love myself in  the same way and even more.

He wants me to have double faith in me – both his and mine.

The way he loves his freedom,he wants me to feel the same spirit of empowerment.

He demands that I give total attention to myself and love myself in a way  that not only he starts loving me more with each passing day but also I start loving myself more.

I should believe that I am as invaluable to him as he is to me.

Since he doesn’t doubt  himself, he doesn’t doubt me too.

My dreams are like his dreams and more than me he seems to be passionate about it.

I am glad that he is possessive ” , she sounded so happy.

The staring pair of twelve eyes did not move their eye balls for a long time.



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