Japanese – The most disciplined and cleanest football fans

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The World cup Russia, 2018 has been producing surprises every now and then. From fan favorites team being eliminated to VAR decisions that change the fates of teams. We have been continuously witnessing some amusing stuff in this FIFA World Cup. But one of the most mentionable is How the Japan fans have maintained the cleanliness around the stadium!

In the group stages, we have also witnessed Senegalese fans cleaning up the stadium after the match. This has stolen the heart of every other people. But the Japanese have done even more. Their heart broke when the lost to Belgium in the Round of 16 when it was a 2-2 tie but Belgium produced late 93′ goal to secure their place.

But that did not interrupt the immense discipline if the Japanese people. They were seen cleaning and plucking up the garbage from the stadium premises which they have done even in the group stages.

Well, what can we learn from this? Japan is a country where discipline, punctuality, and respect play the utmost role. From the frame of Karate to the pitch of football, their attitude is the reason, why they have been so amazing all over the world. We Indians also go to stadiums BUT DO WE CLEAN UP? We tend to throw used bottles cans glasses at the stadium premises where we have enjoyed the match. Are we being loyal to the venue?

Well, its high time, we build up the mentality of keeping our surroundings clean. Maybe one day we can be as disciplined as Japan and thus the society is benefited.

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