This Kolkata Startup Has Come Up With A New Programming Language And It Looks Promising

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There is currently a huge number of programming languages in use by software developers, with most jobs requiring the more familiar skills such as Java, JavaScript, PHP and C#. However, as software demands evolve and grow, new and less widely-accepted languages are gaining prominence, offering developers the right tool for certain jobs.
Programmers have always known that new programming languages need to be learned to keep their skills marketable in the workplace. That trend is not only continuing – it seems to be increasing due to the rate of change taking place in the technology sector.
Nulex, a new programming language by this Kolkata Startup, W & E Corporation.

It has some modern features which are very useful in programming.

  1. It is an interpreted language and dynamic in nature. The dynamic code can run directly from any source like from local storage or online. It is very useful to work with AI, where a code needs to be dynamic!
  2.  It is a loosely typed multi object oriented and functional language and the object can be used as a class to create a new object and the object can also be extended to make new type objects.
  3. It does not need type declaration.
  4. New line character is optional.
  5. It has three types of variables, public as global, all and scope. Scope variable can be divided into local variables (as scope variable of a file ) and object variable (as scope variable of any object).
  6. It can handle hardware of any computer easily.
  7. It has an intelligent system to detect coding system of a user. It can intelligently identify which is a runnable command.
  8. Programming can be done in a very small space for the cause of the shortage of the commanding system of the language.
  9.  It uses RAM very intensively.
  10.  It has some special data type, like array and pcon. The speciality of the array is that it contains all other data types at once like string, integer, float, Boolean, function, object, pcon at the same time.

11. The pcon is the second type object of nulex. It is a kind of object which can be stored at any storage for using next. It is developed for working with AI.

Some examples of the features comparing other languages are:

Every page of the programming file works as an object directly. So we can consider a page as an object which can run automatically when the interpreter starts from a file.

Here is an example of simple hello world.

Using function is very easy. Under an object, a function can be called directly.

A class of nulex can be used as an object and function both and can be extended. Also for this, the language is called Multi Object Orientated Functional Programming  (MOOFP) language. Here, an object is made from a class. The variable accessing the object and a function of the object if called for printing.

An array can contain all types of data. Here a string, a function and a float value is set in the array and then all the data is accessed by a for loop.

Nulex has a very smart GUI interface, which can be designed by the pcon data type.

A pcon data type file

Main page of the program

The output

It has some ordinary library for working with an embedded system like IOT technology, signal analyzing, accessing the serial port, sound analyzing, image processing, etc.

An example showing signaling process, taking value from mouse, x and y location vs movement and drawing a graph

A screenshot of the software

Akshat Srivastava – Co Founder & CEO
Diptiman Chattopadhyay – Co Founder & CTO
Atanu Sanyal – COO
Pallob Gain – Lead Developer
Nulex is coming to the market with a vision and going by the reviews of some programmers. It will soon make its mark.
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