Dr. Kumar Viswas- The Engineer Who Became A Poet

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“Koi Deewana Keheta hai….. Koi paagal samjhta hai,
Magar dharti ki bechani………Toh bas baadal samjhta hai,
Mein tujhse door kaisa hu….Tu mujhse door kaisi hai,
Ye tera dil samajhta hai…..Ya mera dil samajhta hai…….”

How many times have you heard these romantic lines? Ever tried to find out who wrote it?

Don’t stress so much. You don’t know the name. It’s Dr. Kumar Vishwas.

Dr. Kumar Vishwas, born on 10th February, 1970, in Pilkhuwa, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, has done his post graduation in Hindi from Meerut University, Meerut. Though his father, who was a lecturer in R.S.S. Degree College, Pilkhuwa wanted him to go for engineering. But his passion for poetry led him to pursue a Master’s Degree in Hindi Literature. Dr. Vishwas is presently a public speaker, motivational speaker, and lecturer. He is better known as a performance poet and politician of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). This is what information that is available on Google but asks those people in front of whom Dr. Vishwas has addressed even once, they will give you altogether a different view.

“Sab faisle hote nhi sikke uchalke ……Ye dil ke maamle hai zara dekh bhaal ke,
  Mobile ke daur k ashique ko kaya pata…..Rakhte the kaise khat pe hum kaleja nikal ke.”

After completing his Ph.D. in Hindi Literature, Dr. Vishwas started working as a lecturer in Rajasthan in the year 1994.  He has also established himself as a poet of a romantic genre known as ‘Shringara- Ras’.  Dr. Vishwas has participated in a number of ‘Kavi Sammelans’ worldwide. He has also performed in countries such as Dubai, The United States of America, Muscat, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Nepal and the list is a never ending one.

“Mohabbat Ek aisi saun ki paawan si kahani hai,
Jo kabhi Kabira deewana tha, toh kabhi Meera Dewani hai…
Yaha Sab Log kehte hai ke mere ankhoon mein ansoon hai,
Jo Tu samjhe to moti hai, aur jo na Samjhe toh paani hai…”

Dr. Vishwas was recently called up by the Google headquarters in California to address the Indian workers working there. This invitation came as he became the most searched person in Hindi poetry and Hindi literature on Google. It was not only a very proud moment for him but an equally proud moment for the whole of India whose national language is ‘Hindi’.

His political background includes his active participation in India against Corruption Mission of social leader Anna Hazare. He is also a member of the national executive of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He contested the 2014 Lok Sabha election, as an AAP candidate from ‘Amethi, but lost to Rahul Gandhi.

Dr. Vishwas has performed in various Kavi Sammelans across India in IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Lucknow, Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi), B.J. Medical College (Ahmedabad), Sri Ram Murti Samarak College of Engineering and Technology (Bareilly), NSIT (Delhi), JNU (Delhi), NIT (Trichy), BITS (Pilani), IET (Lucknow) and many more institutions all over India. Dr. Vishwas has performed combining with Rahat Indori, who is a renowned Urdu poet and a bollywood lyricist.

Dr. Vishwas was Awarded Certificate of Recognition by California State Assembly. He was also invited to La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia to deliver a guest lecture on the topic “The life of poetry in modern India – culture, poetry and song”

Here are few more lines by Dr. Kumar Vishwas:

“Hai samandar pir ka andar, lekin ro nahi sakta ….
Meri Chahat ko dulhan tu bana lena magar sunle…..
Jo mera ho nhi paya ,wo tera ho nhi sakta………
Mein apne geet gazlo se use peyegaam karta hu……
Usi ki di hui daulat , usi ke naam karta hu …….
Hawa ka kaam hai chalna, Die ka kaam hai Jalna…..
Yo apna kaam karti hai , mein apna kaam karta hu…..
Yo apna kaam karti hai , mein apna kaam karta hu……”

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