Lost Forever: This new game promises to bring out the true nature of Human Emotions

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A new Game is being developed by BrockBard Studios called Lost Forever.

Lost Forever is a new project by Aritra Mukherjee, a young and driven game developer. This project is aimed at stereotypic relations between people of different classes and the different choices one needs to make and ‘Lost Forever’ is being claimed to be ‘something new’, and most of all, one of its kind by many global game developers.

Let’s take a look at the gripping Backstory:

In the words of Aritra Mukherjee,

” Our human relations are quantized often. The two main characters of the game,  Jasper and Pearl were in a very strong relational affair. Jasper, the orphan teenager by virtues of destiny falls in love with Pearl, the daughter of one of the richest persons in their society.

But Pearl’s father is an illegal arms and drugs dealer. He necessarily has all the powers that were enough to uproot his enemies. He was a ruthless and a very greedy force against his other partners.

Lost Forever: This new game promises to bring out the true nature of Human Emotions
Pearl was biased by conservative rules within her family. Her father is very protective of their family’s statutory mentions. It was a stereotypic ego within such rich people that kept a teenager like Pearl remain dead of her desires. All decisions in and out of her life were restricted to her father and no-one else. Anybody else trying to breach their family’s status would be rewarded to death. Yet by fate, the girl was really able to choose something herself for once. It was Jasper. A guy which she came off suddenly and in no time, these people were together, dreaming together a destiny of dreams. But their time did have its own limitation.Pearls father uprooted the relation from its core.
Threatening Jasper to death many times, her father took Pearl away from his reach. Loneliness was not uncommon for Jasper. He was a born Orphan. He never grew in love, he never had someone to bother about what he ever needed. Never were his emotions nurtured. But somehow from the instincts of humanity this guy, is wiser and moderate about life and its perspectives. Jasper did not enquire for love, only because he knew its something that can only be provided and not taken from someone.
He feels barred forever from the reach of his true love. Yet Jasper is determined but, never desperate. In the Game, you play as Jasper, its your decision to let go, or get back something, that once belonged to you.”

Coming to the Gameplay Aesthetics of Lost Forever, The Game promises to be a drive of beautiful graphical experiences. Its puzzles would spread a message related to certain occurrences of human emotional behavior regarding affection. In every move and vision of the game, there would be an attached emotion of Loss. An emotion of something hollow yet which is full of possibilities.

Lost Forever: This new game promises to bring out the true nature of Human Emotions

The Gamer must be hypnotized by the moves. How the camera moves or how the story unfolds, or what graphical experiences the player is subjected to. The gamer would be subjected in the sub-conscious drive which will constantly sustain an emotion of repercussion and a psychological engagement all over throughout the gameplay.

Lost Forever: This new game promises to bring out the true nature of Human Emotions


Last year, Lost Forever got Flagged to be Greenlight on Steam Greenlight which is a global platform of 125m potential game customers. And Lost Forever also got accepted for release on GOG.com in just one go of our application to them.

The game is currently under development for PC, MAC, Linux Architectures.

Here’s the Teaser Trailer of the game. The full trailer will be released at IEM-UEM Innovación to be held on 5th and 6th March, 2017.







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