Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

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Well,  all of us have heard or are going to hear this in a few years – Maybe you should think to settle down now. And you might be thinking to tell your parents about your special friend or waiting to see who will be the chosen one by your family.

Now, you would be really eager to know whether to go for love marriage or opt for an arranged one. It is a thought of all the people that which one is better and it has been debated over decades in several social gatherings. It is generally seen that most of the people of the newer generation prefer a love marriage to the arranged one, and the older generation prefers the vice-versa.

Now let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage


  • In love marriages relationship start from love. So the foundation of love marriages is affection and there is one guarantee that person marrying fall for each other at least once; that’s why they are getting married.
  • Love marriages are not based on rules of society, so people getting married don’t care for dowry or other social customs which may not be very good as per modern time.
  • Love marriage gives a satisfactory feeling to a couple that they have chosen their partner; not any one else selected their partner. It also gives them a feeling of freedom and sense of achievement that they are marrying some one who they were craving to get married with.
  • Planned love lives results in happy families and generally, equality prevails in love marriages.


  • The couple who go for love marriage is mostly independent. If they want to get out of the relationship, they do not consider relatives opinions much.
  • Love marriages are still socially unacceptable in some parts of India.
  • Youngsters may confuse attraction with love.
  • Love is not the only thing we need in life. One should also check the reality like the family background, economic conditions, the environment they grew up in etc.

    Now comes the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriage


  • Arrange marriages are based on the understanding of two families. So there are better chances of families getting along well.
  • Arrange marriages usually happen between the similar castes and similar background people; so there are fewer chances of conflicts that could happen later in the life of the couple.
  • Arrange married couples have complete support of families, so they have less burden on their shoulders.
  • It’s not mandatory that people can not fall in love in the case of arranging marriages. In our nation arrange marriages have huge success ratio.


  • Arranged marriage is like a lottery. Love may or may not blossom between the couple.
  • A couple do not know each other well if they spend less time together before marriage. If they have many differences to an extent that they cannot live together, marriage will break.
  • In the name of arranged marriages, forced marriages are still prevalent in many parts of India.
  • Too much submissiveness to elders may restrict couple from divorcing, even if they do not have love in between them anymore.
  • People who go for arranged marriage may not be that comfortable to discuss everything in detail before marriage. This may cause problems after marriage.

Both ways have their merits as well as demerits and marriage is a decision of a lifetime. Whether it is love or arranged marriage, the relationship will work only if both the partners are serious and honest in the relationship. Though families are involved in most of the marriages, it’s the couple which has to live together for a lifetime. So, the decision to choose life partner should be left to the individuals. Life partner must be selected according to their own will and not by force. These days, in Indian arranged marriages as well, people are taking their time to learn about each other before marriage, which is a sign of an evolving society. Ultimately no one can certify the best way for a perfect marriage life because like life, marriages too are full of uncertainties.

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