Messi & Roccuzzo – The True Bond

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Love is such a wonderful feeling when you can choose the perfect partner for you. If you are capable enough you can ride the bus of your entire life with that partner who has made your life awesome. Such is the sweet story of the King Leo Messi and Queen Antonella Roccuzzo. Football world has witnessed again a tale of two lovebirds who have managed to carry their entire life with happiness.

As a young Newell’s hopeful, Messi used to hang around his buddy’s house in hope of running in to his friend’s beautiful cousin, who years later would become his partner.

1996 was the year, when Leo first became friends with Scaglia, as both used to play for the Newell’s old boys. Antonella was the cousin of Lucas Scaglia, the son of supermarket chain owners. As Leo and Scaglia used to hang out Antonella would hang out with them too, But no one knew how Messi’s heart was onto her. He saw her for the first time while Messi and the friend were playing Playstation. Right then he knew he wanted to be with her forever. Messi’s friends still joke with him about the silly faces he pulled every time the girl came near. 

Despite his slight stature, Messi’s life in Rosario was the same as any young boy. “We were all pretty cowardly with the girls,” one of Messi’s best friends from the neighborhood, Diego, told. When the neighborhood dances started, their lives changed: they stated to comb their hair, get dressed, pay attention to appearance. Its the same we too used to feel in lower classes of school. Right? Leo’s friends would recall that he used to right letters about how he wished to be with Antonella forever.

Well sometimes your dream come true.. With time Messi and Antonella became close friends. Scaglia’s father knew it well too, as Messi would wait untill Scaglia’s session ended in Newell’s Club practice. The coach Enrique Dominguez asked Mr. Scaglia why was Messi waiting.. “He is waiting for us to leave because he wants to come to our house” said the father. The coach being curious why Messi was so anxious to go to their house in weekends, Scaglia’s father replied “Because now the weekend is coming around and Antonella, Lucas’ cousin, comes on Saturdays and Sundays. Leo likes her

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Dear readers, we all know how Indian love works. We choose the partner,our parents get to like them their parents get to like us and finally the two parents have to be happy. But it seemed like destiny already chose Antonella for Leo Messi.  It was January 2009 when Leo was 21, he confessed to Barca TV that he was in a relationship.

While Messi started on his road to becoming the greatest player in the world, Antonella was in a relationship with another Rosario neighbour, one that lasted three years.The death of a friend of Antonella’s in a traffic accident led to the renewed meeting of Antonella and Leo. According to ‘Infobae’, Messi learned of the tragedy and quickly traveled to Argentina to be at her side. It was then that their relationship progressed, but they chose to keep it private.

While Messi returned to Barcelona, Antonella began to study Ontology at the National University of Rosario, leaving the course after six months and trying her luck in Social Communication, which she studied for a year.  On June 2, 2012, in a celebration after a goal against Ecuador in the Monumental stadium, an open secret was confirmed: Antonella was pregnant with Thiago, the couple’s first child, born on November 2, 2012. Later, in the 2014/15 season, Messi confirmed on social media that Antonella was expecting their second child, Mateo, born on September 11, 2015.

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And now 30th of June became the beginning of their life’s most important chapter after the 2 childhood lovebirds got married.

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Few say childhood love is temporary, few say those were all a lust. And some people say childhood love is a fantasy. But Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini once again proved them wrong while Antonella Roccuzzo Blanco held his hands for eternity. Thiago and Mateo must be proud of their parents and how they turned their beautiful dream into reality.

Image Source: The Sun

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