[Video]How to Be a Millionaire by Patrick Bet-David

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Almost Every Self Help Book that focusses on Money tells does one thing: Has the word “Millionaire” in it. And these books do become a best seller at some point.

It is 2 AM here in India, and I am sleepy, probably going to the saturation phase of learning of my day and I get  this awesome video in my recommendations on Youtube. It’s Titled “How to REALLY Become A Millionaire” by Patrick Bet-David , an entrepreneur I truly Admire. He shares his lessons on Youtube on his channel called Valuetainment.

So How does the video help you become a Millionaire?

In this video, He talks about how to pursue a duplicatable plan so that you have more chances at achieving your millionaire dreams. He goes through every step in detail. What I like the most about this video is that he really throws light on the concept of being a “Part Timer”, “Full timer”, or an “All The Timer”. Go watch the video and get up chasing your dreams.

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Also what I liked about the video is that he did not give any strict instructions, he actually asked you to be crazy and disregard the negative things everyone tells you, that is one of the basic things of being an Entrepreneur. Now if you want to chase your dreams, Go watch the video.


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