Minor Girl Gets Gang-Raped,After Boyfriend Denies To Accept Proposal Of The Accused

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Whiles the nation is almost on the verge of bifurcation after the charge sheet of Asifa’s rape and murder was submitted and the world came to know about it, another girl of West Bengal’s Alipurduar region was victimized to gang rape on Monday.

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(Picture only for representation, source – google) 

According to the sources, a 16-yr-old was spending time with her boyfriend on a farm nearby. The duo was walking when their way was blocked by three boys. It was around 9.30pm at night. Three of the accused started bullying them.

As the girl and the boy loved each other, the three of the accused put forward the following three options:

1. Rs.1000 as fine

2. The couple need to get married 

3. The girl needs to drink alcohol with the three boys. 

The boy denied accepting any of the above as it was not possible to fulfill any of these. The accused could not take the denial of their proposal and hence they raped the girl in front of her loved one.

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(Picture only for representation, source- google)

The victim’s family was approached by the police with the help of a voluntary organization and the boy has identified the rapists and police has started its investigation.

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Author’s note: Even after Asifa’s case coming up to the limelight, we have done nothing but raise our voice on the social platforms, But will these help? Will the rapists get the punishment they deserve? Will the Victim’s get their justice on time for Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. Every day I open my facebook account and see that the number of rape victims has increased, the number of hashtags of justice has risen. This is not the India our forefathers had dreamt of. This is not the India we wanted. We girls now have our freedom cut down for our parents fear. Will this situation even get better? Let’s raise our voice now, for delaying it will mean another rape occurring, another girl being pushed to the darkest side of the society. 

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