Moments In The Internet History That Changed The Way We Live

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If television’s a babysitter, the internet is a drunk librarian who won’t shut up“,well said by Dorothy Gambrell , but what change making , prolific drunk librarian she is? No matter how we define internet to be, we all know that in today’s world the four necessities of life boils down to- food, cloth, shelter and internet.  This crazy, amorphous “consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions” has taken hold of humanity and forever changed the way we live, work and play.

On 6th of August, 1991 we were introduced to a huge human web –World Wide Web (WWW) . It was like  Pandora’s digital box burst open and it has delighted and distracted us ever since. It has obviously brought the whole world at our finger tip but also played a vital role in the way we live and play. Ever since the introduction of the internet , some additional internet moments have also added their contribution to change our life.

  1.  – the introduction of an online shopping website. It started their business on 16/06/1994. Initially they started as an online bookstore. The pioneering eCommerce hub officially went live 11 days later, when Jeff Bezos (Founder & CEO)  and his inaugural employees packed and shipped boxes of books out of his garage/recreation room in Bellevue, Wash. After this, it never stopped and now stand as one of the top online shopping company. It is due to which there  is a change in our shopping habits. Image result for amazon
  2. – one of those many successful tech startups ,it was set up by the graduates of Stanford Universities on 18/01/1995. Yahoo shortly stands for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’The search engine paved the way for a crop of search-focused cousins, including Microsoft’s  Bing  and that search engine giant we can’t live without called Google.  Image result for yahoo
  3. The first ever online dating service was launched on 21/04/1995 . Keeping only lover and lovers in mind, Silicon valley engineer,  Gary Kremen scooped up the domain. These dating sites have definitely changed how people fall in love , confess, says yes and relationships happen. Rather they gives you billions of match, you just need to do is swipe left or right.Related image
  4.  – It was started on 03/09/1995. It was initially called Auction-Web, launched basically to help people to buy and sell goods online. Today it eBay stands as the largest online auction market. It made us introduce to the the goods at reasonable price.  No longer are we dependent on combing through traditional print classifieds and trolling neighborhood garage sales for deals.Nudged along by eBay’s rise, the sharing economy would later open the world up to even more efficient and creative ways for people to part with stuff we no longer have use for. Image result for ebay
  5. Baby Cha-Cha – Online videos at that time were the new phenomena. The clip of a  Baby dancing  cha-cha went viral on the later parts of 1996. It shimmied creepily to a Blue Swede cover of the song “Hooked on a Feeling.” Soon after its release, the freaky babe spread like wildfire online and eventually danced into several episodes of a then-popular TV show called Ally McBeal. The concept of “going viral” has been a great motivator for people, brands and causes ever since.Related image
  6. The Drudge Report breaks the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. On 17/01/1998 the world learned about the shocking revelation of the Commander in Chief ( of that time) having sexual relationship with a lady. Even after the news was opted not to publish, it was online media that revealed the scandal. And then after this the people were really clear that the mode of receiving news is changing. Now we have many web news websites that update us with the recent news.Image result for The Drudge Report breaks the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal
  7. Google Incorporates – Started on 07/09/1998, Google now stands as the world’s third most valuable brand. Long before it was as obedient digital dog, finding and retrieving stuff, playing fetch for internet users over and over again. Now we all (in a sense rely on) a hell lot is dependent on Google to even take a single step forward. It’s now the gold standard not only for search but also for innovation, human resources and a host of other things you can, yes, Google.Image result for google incorporates
  8. – 15/01/ 2001 was the day Wikipedia published its first entry. After that day we all had replaced encyclopedias with Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is lauded and loathed because virtually anyone with an internet connection can add or edit entries to any of its topics, regardless of their expertise or lack of it. It is the online information hub. Appropriately according to Wikipedia, there are now 39,889,681. For better or for worse, Wikipedia has become how most people first learn about most topics. That’s why it’s important to take just about every word you read on it with a grain of salt. The general lack of credibility was enough to send Sanger packing in 2002.Image result for wikipedia
  9. The first video at YouTube – After the clip of baby cha cha went viral, the employees of the company came up with an idea of the world’s first video. On 23/04/2005 Karim uploaded its first video, a quick snippet of himself at the zoo, and it went viral gaining a huge number of views. And then many more videos were uploaded and hence have become a global sensation, redefining celebrity and putting the power to broadcast all manner of videos, amateur and professional, in the hands of anyone with a webcam. Today, YouTube has more than one billion users and an estimated 400 of hours of content are uploaded to the service every minute. Image result for youtube
    And here you have the first YouTube Video.
  10. The world witnesses Hurricane Katrina online. It was the time when the deadly wrath of Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans, the power went dark and so did most communications. Armed with diesel power generators, Michael Barnes and other eyewitnesses in the area turned to the internet to update the world about the natural disaster and the devastation it wreaked as it happened over a five-day period. With each update, the bloggers made history, marking one of the first times people on the scene of a major news event self-reported via the World Wide Web. Thanks to various social networking sites that we now are able to unfold every situation and even witness the events going on.
  11. – Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard classmates originally designed Facebook, first called FaceMash, as a “hot or not”-style game that shallowly ranked undergraduates based on their looks. 28/ 10/ 2003 it was when Facebook was introduced to us and now it has been the crucial part of our living. Display pictures, likes, updates, comments, etc now is what we have made our lives to revolve all around. Facebook has it easier for us to connect to our friends and family. Zuck does his damnedest to connect everyone on earth. Yes, everyone.Image result for facebook
  12. The Western Union dispatches its last-ever telegram. On 27/01/2007 the last telegram was dispatched. Along with phone books and road maps, telegrams are also at the top of the list of things the internet rendered obsolete. The legacy company, founded in 1851 in the heyday of the Pony Express, stopped dispatching the iconic yellow-enveloped messages as a result of rising of email and instant messaging, both byproducts of the internet, yet more proof that digital communication won.

Image result for Western Union dispatches its last-ever telegram

13. Kim Kardashian West breaks the internet with her backside.  Love her or hate her, social media mogul Kim Kardashian West is a true mobile millionaire. From her infamous nude Paper magazine shoot, to her popular apps, to her fashion line, Kim K’s entire career has been fueled by the way she cultivates her following online. The 35-year-old star shows how virtually anyone can leverage (and monetize) their personality in ways that weren’t possible before the internet.

Image result for Kim Kardashian West breaks the internet with her backside.

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