Neymar in Messi’s shadow? Can PSG be the worth target?

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Neymar Jr. the world class magician of the ball, the 25 years old youngster set his foot in Barcelona in 2013, from Santos FC to enrich the Catalan Club with his unbelievable dribbling skills. The Brazilian captain has become a regular scorer or an assistant since his debut. 105 goals in 186 appearances along with numerous assists and dribbles is not a matter of joke, is it? The trio MSN [Messi-Neymar-Suarez] is even hailed as one of the best trios in the history of the Catalan Giants. But since the starting of 2017-18 season summer transfer, Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. is in speculation of his transfer to PSG worth 222million pounds. Numerous reasons have come up one of which is Neymar’s magic being suppressed by Messi’s brilliance. Is it?


Neymar knew what he was getting himself into when he signed for Barcelona. Lionel Messi was then as he is now; top man. The Argentine forward’s new contract will see him extend his reign as king of the club until 2021. Neymar’s made all the right noises about Messi that Barcelona like to hear. “Hero”, “idol”, “best in the world” are all terms at one stage or another used by the Brazil captain to describe Messi. Neymar himself has always confessed, “It has been my dream to play in Barcelona beside Messi, my idol“. With another four-year deal on the table, there is little chance of anyone let alone Neymar breaking through the glass ceiling and dislodging Messi from his perch as lord of all he surveys.

On 13 September 2014, after appearing as a substitute, Neymar scored his first two goals of the 2014–15 season, helping Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao 2–0. On 27 September, he scored a hat-trick against Granada in a 6–0 win and went on to score in his next three La Liga matches, including the opening goal in a 1–3 loss to Real Madrid at Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. He always tried to pull out sombreros, nutmegs, volleys and crazy ball skills in the field to humiliate opponents. Barcelona was Neymar’s changing phase from ONLY A DRIBBLER and SCORER to A PROLIFIC WINGER cum PLAYMAKER.

But Neymar has ambitions. He has ambitions to win trophies – like any top player – and ambitions to win individual honours too. He wants a status that befits his own perceptions of himself; top man in a top team. Neymar’s immense belief brought a victory “defined by faith” according to Ex-Barcelona boss Luis Enrique, the Catalans rose from the dead inspired by the man who never stopped believing. “As long as there’s a one percent chance, we’ll have 99 percent faith,” said Neymar before a ball had been kicked in
Barca’s stunning revival from a 4-0 first leg deficit to beat Paris Saint-Germain 6-1.

But, have you seen how Neymar scores 80 % of the free kicks and penalties for Brazil? Have you seen how Neymar plays differently for Brazil? A captain’s armband is all he is rewarded and he proved to be worthy every time. But in Barcelona penalties and free kicks are taken by Lionel Messi where recently his set piece scoring is diminished. But we have seen every time Neymar s given the set pieces for Barca, either he has scored or the ball has been on target. 1 or 2 were slightly out of the target. The fame that he got in Santos is comparatively less in Barcelona, as they have Club legends like Messi, Iniesta, Villa. Neymar has always been one of the best performers on the field, but doesn’t he has to get more opportunity?

In the mean time, Neymar has reported his Brazilian teammates- Dani Alves, Thiago Silva etc, that he will come to PSG. The latest Instagram pic he uploaded with a thinking smiley is worth thinking.

PSG is set to build a team class apart with both Neymar and Alexis Sanchez in its shortlist. Neymar can easily get the fame he needs in there. Moreover, PSG is a consistent league and cup winning team in France. So, may be the next stop for the Selecao Capitan is in Paris.

He will have to move to get it.

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