Old Mobile Phones- A technological shield against deforestation in Rainforests ?

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‘Tall trees, warm climate and lots of rain’ are the characteristics which portray a single place, very familiar to us. We use its scenic beauty as our computer’s desktop, mobile’s wallpapers and even as the background of our Instagram clicks. This place is none but the RAINFORESTS, the most productive and complex of all ecosystems on this very planet Earth. Being the home to more than half of all lifeforms on this soon becoming “deadly” planet, it is always buzzing with their noises.

 So now the question arises how to identify the sound of ruthless “murder” of the very lifeforce on Earth – the tress and stop the indiscriminate and illegal logging. But to your great surprise, we have found a solution to it.

  • Something beyond your “known world” : With time and advancement of technologies, we are getting smarter. Is it smarter by ideas? No, actually smarter by only replacing our old mobile phones with the latest ones. But do you even know the so-called “old phones” which seems to be of no use to you, is actually of more use than the new upgraded ones? Puzzled, how? You’ll get your answer soon.

  • World statistics of illegal logging : Illegal logging accounts for as much as 90 percent of tropical deforestation. These tropical forests cover nearly one-fifth of the entire surface. So inspite of so much land available for accommodations people are not satisfied and still want to dominate nature. Why talking about the entire world, if we only consider India, it has got tropical forests in the coastal hills of the Western Ghats and 14,000 square miles in North-eastern India. But as mentioned earlier, people are not satisfied with whatever they have so India is also not exceptional in this criteria.
  • Making best out of waste : This proverb has been into limelight very often nowadays. So let us see how actually we can implement it in our way. Each cell phone, whether it be today’s “next gen” smartphones or the old ones which you call “Dabba phones”, is protected by a plastic case and powered by a small solar array. They possess a highly sensitive microphone which records the sounds of the rainforest and sends it to cloud to be analyzed. When it hears a chainsaw, it sends a text or email to authorities, thus making them alert of the whereabouts of the loggers. One phone can cover almost one square mile of forest representing 15,000 tons of stored carbon dioxide, an amount equal to the yearly emissions of 3,000 cars. Communities can use cameras to film illegal logging, GPS to track the loggers. In the rainforests of Amazon, WITNESS, a non-profit organisation of New York, has already launched campaigns to take a note of the crimes by distributing people with drones, cell phones and satellites.

  • Give yourself a second thought : Mobile phones nowadays are no more restricted for just phone calls, text messages or WhatsApp and Instagram. There are lot more utilities of it. Why junk up drawers with your old phones when you can actually make the best out of it. Before dumping any old phone, wait, give yourself a pause and think how many old phones you possess – One, Two, or more? Everything and everyone deserves a chance, let your cellphones relive and save rainforests in a better way.

THINK BEYOND, THINK POSITIVE, make this world a beautiful place.

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