RBI to Launch New Notes Soon

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After  the RBI board meeting happened in the month of march, the central bank decided to launch new notes! Yes, the government will be launching new notes very soon. In fact the printing of those notes will start after the month of June.


According to the sources, the 200 currency note is in the pipeline, but, unless it  is notified by the central government making a dye, working on security features and printing process of Rs.200 would not be printed. RBI shall implement its plan only after the Center’s  notification. Also, the government is  planning to issue new Rs.1000 notes.

The Demonetization which had started after Modi’s November 8 speech, has so far witnessed the introduction of 2 notes viz. 500 and 2000. these new notes are made according to the international standard and also have enhanced security features to decrease the rate of duplication.

The government is even planning to change the  500 and 2000 notes  every 3-4 years  to fight duplicity.

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