Rituals that India needs to fight against, for being a better nation

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India, the country we all love, the country whose food we live on, the mother we all love and the mother that gives us more than ever. But are we really giving justice to our motherland? Dear readers, go through a flashback- think of all the news we keep on hearing, all the news we read every morning. Are we maintaining the social, cultural, political and ethical justice that can make our motherland an amazing one? NO! 

India implemented the Goods and Services Tax (GST), became a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Supreme Court banned instant triple talaq, Manushi Chhillar won the Miss World, Rohit Sharma scored his third ODI double century against Sri Lanka and Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married. In terms of scientific and technological progress, India can boast of the successful testing of nuclear-capable Agni IV missile and the launch of the PSLV – C37 rocket. But still, there are few things that hold us back from our evolving. We will give you some of the rituals which we need to work on for making ourselves a part of a better nation.

  1. Mentality: The best part! Youngsters who are the pillar of future India, have realised the cultural differences between western countries and our India. Pissing publicly is not a crime, but apparently, Kissing is uncouth. You may walk in the road with a female friend of yours, and for other people, you two are a couple! Boys, ever brought any female friend over to your house? Next day, BETA, WO KAUN THA TERE SAATH USDIN? asks your dear neighbour. You are not loved or judged based on your talents, but based on BETA, KITNE MARKS MILE EXAM MEIN? Women are judged based on DEKHO KITNA CHOTEY KAPRE PEHNE HAIN ! But few realise, its the person which matters, not her clothes. A condom is treated as a bad or unnecessary thing where the population has crawled up to make a record. There are a lot more. Put all other mentality sarcasm in the comment! 
  2. Shaming: Not only body shaming but India is also a victim of slut-shaming, mother shaming, victim shaming. Do you remember Priyanka Chopra being shamed as she wore a frock to meet PM Modi? Mahira Khan was shamed for smoking. Rape and molestation victims were shamed for sharing their experiences and Zaira Wasim was shamed because apparently, it was a publicity stunt when she talked about getting molested. Do you find FREEDOM anywhere? It has become a matter of humor when one gets shamed on by the others out of nowhere. If we are intelligent enough, we have to stop all kinds of shaming or risk becoming a shoddy and crude nation which does not understand the value of personal choices.
  3. Intolerance: Recently, we have all seen how the intolerance of religion has boosted up. Riots, as well as baseless protests just to gain fame (Like during release of Padmavati), the politics based strikes have gone up. Social and artistic intolerance is one of the most dangerous social evils lurking in the unexpected quarters of our nation. It has the capacity to snowball into something extremely volatile and dangerous in the coming years if not worked upon immediately. We do not want to experience the horrors of 1984, 1992, or, for that matter, 2008 once again, as it will break the morale of the country. But, going by recent events, the future looks bleak. 
  4. Blind Faith on Government:  For one time just think how the political leaders without even thinking about the consequences, blindly follow their party orders giving rise to communal riots, false allegations, murder and common people as to suffer. Again, in spite of being aware of the actual scenario, we all follow what our government assures us. We just play a puppet. 
  5. Women’s safety: This has to be a major point of discussion. One category in which India excels is women abduction and mistreating of girls. There has been numerous rape cases and women abduction cases starting from the capital city Delhi to the cultural capital Kolkata. Women are not safe here. Even if any political party screams publicly, threatening to rape women, its not a crime. But showing affection in public is. LOL!

This is what young India needs to be aware of if we ever want to be named as a Good Nation, a socially Developed Nation. AN ADVANCED COUNTRY OF THE WORLD.

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