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From being that noisy nursery student to the matured PCM student,  school life has always been full of joy.

Do you remember, when you had entered your school premises for the very first time,holding your parents hands tightly, how much tensed you were then? You were crying because you were afraid. You were afraid of the huge environment, you were afraid of the other students. To you School was then  a place to be afraid of, a place where you were surrounded by unknown persons and stout angry teachers with wooden rulers in their hand.  You would be happy when you had your vacations, but again be sad when the school opened.

Many years passed since then, now in the 12th standard.  It is the last day of your school. You must be happy right?  But no, you are now  crying because to you its time to leave your second home!  You are now shedding tears as its the time to leave your old canteen, the old friends, the teachers. You are now afraid and tensed about the outside world. You anxious about your future , your career, your new group of friends who will soon be with you. Whether they’ll be as good as the friend-circle you have now? Whether you will be able to open up with them? Whether they will be like you? Thousands of questions springing up in your mind and you are ignoring them unanswered, to just enjoy the farewell ceremony.

But in the midst of all this, you forgot that you once hated this place?  Didn’t you? Once you wanted to leave this place but now why is it hurting you? You wanted to stay back at home all the time and not show up here, right? Why are you not happy now?

You just realized  the irony now.  After spending  12-13 years ,  the place which you hated the most, is now  your favourite place. Isn’t that strange? You entered the place with tears in your eyes, and now leaving that place with tears again.  You were then afraid of your teachers, but now you are afraid of the new phase of your life that is yet to begin.


Schools will always be the best place. You may not miss your college, but you’ll surely miss your school.  You will miss those silly questions asked during truth and dare games. You will miss the canteen, those ‘free time er adda’, those rush for saving your tiffin, seriously eating the lunch peacefully was indeed a challenge, those failed attempts at answering a simple question and then the classmates laughing at you, those class tests that were not tests but actually group discussion tests indeed, full of innovative ways to cheat the paper. And we will never forget that run towards that ice-cream shop, just when the final bell rung everyday and the school was over. You will surely miss those silly fights with your best friends, those endless quarrels with your bench-mates, and the interesting stories by your class-teacher.

Seriously my friend, you surely will miss your school days.

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