Sent a wrong Text? UNSEND it using your WhatsApp’s upcoming feature!

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With WhatsApp becoming the perpetual app our fingers have become swifter than ever. The essence of this app lies in its ability to exchange thoughts without actually having to take the burden of speaking. What makes it better than all other messaging apps in the market is its technical attributes.

With the usage of this app, the users have felt many a time a need for a ‘UNSEND’ option which can possibly revoke a text that is sent.

Probable causes for such a need:

  1. Wrong Person“- This is often encountered. Sending someone else’s text to the other one is really frustrating and at times can be dangerous too, especially regarding confidential matters and when you are dating more than one person. image source : onholdmarketting
  2. Excitement“- People getting over-excited especially while angry and regretting over sent texts are also quite common with increasing usage.

3.Typing Mistakes– Some of us might not feel like sending an extra text to correct the mistake with the asterisk symbol.They would want to resend it after discarding the faulty one.

There might be several other reasons too!

Perhaps these crossed the minds of the WhatsApp developers and here they are ready to introduce a “UNSEND” option in our WhatsApp mobile application. 
Image result for whatsapp unsend feature The feature known as the ‘recall’ will let you unsend your sent text within five minutes of sending.

WhatsApp has already tested this feature of it in April in a Beta version.
It will wait for responses regarding this feature and come up with positive results very soon.
The messaging app will enable ‘Recall’ in version “2.17.30+” of the app. The current version of WhatsApp is 2.17.190. It is believed that this current version contains the codes of “RECALL” but they are disabled.

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WhatsApp has added in beta the possibility to edit messages that you already sent. It is actually disabled by default and it’s under development,” an earlier WABetaInfo’s tweet read.

The users will be able to edit only recent messages and not the old ones.

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[How to become a Beta User? ]
WhatsApp currently has 200 million monthly active users in India.

The Facebook-owned platform is also believed to be considering bringing back the old contacts list that vanished with the arrival of ‘Status’ but only for iPhone users.

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