10 Simple Life Hacks

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
– Leonardo Da Vinci

Everybody in today’s world is fed up with their life. Our lives have become really hectic and we all have to do the work like robots follow the given commands. At some point of time we feel that some work is very tough and thought if there was some easier and time saving way to do it.

Today I am going to provide you with some tricks that would make some of your daily work easy and save your time thereby simplifying your life and reducing some stress.

  1.   Walking with shoes on the snow

Do you have problem while walking with normal shoes on snow ? Does it slip often ? Just follow the process in the video below for your solution.


2.   Opening a tight jar lid

Sometimes we not able to open the lid of a jar which has been tightly closed. No need to get frustrated because I have given the trick below to the problem.


3.   Having low connection WiFi signal

Do you have a low connection WiFi signal ? Does it make you irritated ? So just follow the instructions in the given video below and enjoy a better signal.


4.   Peeling  the skin of garlic

Many of us don’t like peeling the skin of a garlic as it is a tedious one to do. Well it actually is, but with the trick I show you today in the video below, it will be child’s play.


5.   Protect your cable from tearing due to bending

Most of the times we see that the cables tear from the place of the bending due to excessive bending. So here is a solution to the problem and make your cable last longer.


6.   Removing bits of hot glue from table without damaging table

After using the hot glue gun you keep it on top of a table, and some hot glue falls on the table sometimes. Removing those bits of hardened glue can damage the table but it will not get damaged after you get to know this simple trick shown below


7.   Don’t wait for water to boil while cooking noodles

Many a times it is seen that we don’t like to wait while the water boils for cooking noodles. So there is a way by which it gets faster and thereby will save your time.


8.   Don’t lose the screws or nails while putting them up in a wall

Do you find it hard to keep a track of the screws or nails while putting them up somewhere while doing a work ? Do you need a person or thing to hold them while you put up the others ? Here is what you can do.


9.   Separate egg yolk from the white part easily

Separating the yolk of the egg from the white part is one of the most difficult job and there is also a chance of the yolk bursting and the fluid coming out.


10.   Seal something in a plastic packet without damaging the packet or tying a knot

Many a times we need to seal something in a plastic packet. We do it either by tying a knot or by twisting the mouth of the opening of the packet. Well I will show you an easier way to do it without damaging the packet in the video below.


So, go ahead, apply these in your daily life and enjoy.

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