Spending Boring Weekends?

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Weekends are the days that give energy to a hard worker, to survive the next week. Days that help us refresh our mind. Days which bring relief to our heart. Before starting a new week, we don’t plan our routine for the upcoming days first, rather we plan how to spend the next weekend first. But it often happens that, we are left behind to spend the whole weekend alone. Situations like bad weather, being broke stops us from spending an amazing enjoyable weekend. If it is your situation; if you are bored; if you are sitting alone in your room in weekends, thinking you are leading a miserable life, this article is for you. I’m going to tell ways, in which you won’t have to spend this lonely weekend, fatigued.

Write an article:

 Yes, that’s what I did. Now, it has become one of my hobbies. Writing article will not only make you feel interested and resourceful, but it’ll help you gather knowledge too. Find new topics, accept them as challenges, and write down whatever you want to. Post them on social media, and earn praises from your friends and family.

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Move the pen as your mind ask you to (Image source: Google Images)

Go for a walk down the old lane:

 Walking down the old lane and interacting with random people, socializing will reduce your loneliness to a great level. Observe the nature carefully, breathe the fresh air inside, gather interesting experiences. It would be better if you could take a camera with and capture some beautiful moments. You need not stick to your locality either, move around, travel alone fight challenges that are put in front of you and never accept that you are being left alone in a weekend.

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Party hard:

 This is a very catchy option. Just forget stress, forget all responsibilities, think this is a life given to you to enjoy, and move with the beat. Go to any pub or disco, merge with the dancing crowd, hop around like a bunny if you don’t know how to dance. Enjoy the days, as if they are never going to come back in your life. Just make sure you stay safe.

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Move with the rhythm (Image Source: suitelife)

Watch a movie:

It is not always pleasant to watch a movie in a group. It often happens, you are  deeply concentrated to the intense suspense of the scene going on, suddenly someone beside you says,”What did he just said? I couldn’t hear it”, and you miss the most important dialogue of the movie. This is the time to pick up those intense suspense thrillers and watch them one by one.

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There’s no one to disturb you (Image Source: colourbox)

Do any social work:

 Society has helped us in many ways, and when she needs us, we must stand by her. Join any social workers or agencies or organization, and give them a hand in their noble work. This will not only enhance your reputation but you will one day be able to say that you have done something for the society, proudly.

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Make someone smile (Image Source: casageriatricasaocaetano)

Weekends are days, that you should never waste. Think constructive, enjoy the times you spend. If you are a lone ranger, remember what Rabindranath Tagore had said, “If they answer not to thy call walk alone.” Be happy, and live your life the way you want it to be. This Shuvorup Ghosh, Peace up!


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