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Morata happy on his transfer from Real to Chelsea

What any player wants in his existing club is to shine, is to play for the club, to contribute to the clubs achievements. Similarly Alvaro Morata, the spanish striker after his season with Real Madrid, who signed him back from Juventus, was transferred to Chelsea

EPL to go through a financial breakthrough

Premier League the world’s most watched European football league has been continued astonishing transfer market progress in last 2 seasons. No doubt the fans are excited and have gone crazy with the latest transfer window altering the squad tables, but the part of thinking is

Messi & Roccuzzo – The True Bond

Love is such a wonderful feeling when you can choose the perfect partner for you. If you are capable enough you can ride the bus of your entire life with that partner who has made your life awesome. Such is the sweet story of the

মেহেতাবের নামে ডাকটিকিট?????

মেহেতাব,দীর্ঘ ১৪ বছর ধরে লাল হলুদের মাঝমাঠে ছোটখাটো শক্তপক্ত চেহারা নিয়ে একাই দাপিয়ে বেরিয়েছেন। এ এক অভিনব উদ্দোগ লাল হলুদের ঘরের ছেলে কে দিতে চলেছে, মেহেতাব ফ্যান্স ক্লাব এবং ভিশন অফ বেঙ্গল এর সহযোগিতায় কলকাতা ডাক বিভাগ, মেহেতাবের নামে ডাকটিকিট প্রকাশিত করতে চলেছে।৬ ই জুলাই

Football: An Evolution since Decades

FOOTBALL: AN EVOLUTION SINCE DECADES A game that unites people from every part of the world, a game that creates emotions and love among people of the world…FOOTBALL.We all play football either in any club or with friends in a  warm Sunday afternoon..going to the

Federation Cup 2017 is here.

Federation Cup 2017: Presented by Federation de Sports Association. Federation Cup 2017 is round the corner as heavy weight teams from Kolkata gear up to have the mega faceoff. It will be some clash to cherish. The tournament is scheduled over 2 days- 15th and

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