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Is Salman Khan cheating on his girlfriend?

“The New Love Triangle” is in the making! Its not a movie but life of our Sallu Bhai. His current love interest – the Romanian Iulia Vantur is proving to be a possessive girlfriend. Salman recently threw a birthday party for his former girlfriend, Katrina

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Is your boyfriend possessive?

  Is you boyfriend possessive? “Is he possessive about you?” , her friends inquired. “Yes!”, she replied with a smile. “You can’t deal with possessive people.It seems all good in the beginning but later it is suffocating,so what does he do?” “Asks you not to

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10 Types Of Girls You Will Meet In College

College life is pretty exciting especially with new people to interact with everyday. There is hardly any doubt that the “girls at college” are perhaps the most interesting human beings lurking around in corridors, classrooms and canteens and here is a list of some of