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Undefined Love

What is love? A very common question which is asked by a lot of people. But can anybody ever define love? Personally, I feel no. Love has different definitions for different people for some it is happiness for some it is a priority and for

The Dream

Playing football was his passion. Delaying his return after the usual school hours, he ensured his football skills on the school ground. Days were excellent apart from the long session, due his late arrival, from his mother. But he managed the class hours somehow dreaming

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Well,  all of us have heard or are going to hear this in a few years – Maybe you should think to settle down now. And you might be thinking to tell your parents about your special friend or waiting to see who will be the

Unsent Texts To People Who Were Loved

Everyday we type so much and then backspace it all as if the backspace key was the pair of lips that seemed to seal what our heart wanted to say and our eyes wanted to hide. If we had sent these messages would things have been


Their eyes met in the school campus during a program . Tithi was performing  with her classmate when Ravin saw her for the first time. In spite of the fact that they both were in the same school for years, they did not interact. Tithi

Is your boyfriend possessive?

  Is you boyfriend possessive? “Is he possessive about you?” , her friends inquired. “Yes!”, she replied with a smile. “You can’t deal with possessive people.It seems all good in the beginning but later it is suffocating,so what does he do?” “Asks you not to

How To Move On After A Betrayal

  It’s easy to forget that emotional pain can hurt as much as physical pain. When you’re hurting and have been hurt by someone, it often feels as if you’ve taken a punch to the gut or a stab to the heart. And once you’re

Messi & Roccuzzo – The True Bond

Love is such a wonderful feeling when you can choose the perfect partner for you. If you are capable enough you can ride the bus of your entire life with that partner who has made your life awesome. Such is the sweet story of the

One Sided Lovers

One sided lovers are those who love their loved ones but never get that love back. In other words he/she loves that person who loves another person or none. Some times they cannot tell to their loved ones only for fear. One thing here can

The Epic Past

The epic past reminded him of his memories. He used to walk down the lane every evening to drop her at the bus stop. When it rained, she held his hand under the umbrella, shared their thoughts and waited there at the crossing, looking at

5 Fights You Should Have in Every Relationship

Whether you’ve been dating for six months or six years, fighting within your relationship is inevitable. You might not like arguing, you may even do anything in your power to avoid it, but the truth is that not only are flare-ups normal in relationships, they can

How To Love Women Who Have Been Unloved.

Not everybody is a story, Some people are poems, A haiku, And they will break your body into syllables, wait For you to rhyme For the cups of your elbows to fall on the ground Like rainwater and they will take bits of that To

5 Unknowing Things To Never Do On A Date

In life, we meet people whom we start to like and after knowing them quite well, we go on a date with them. But sometimes that date does not go well on account of some unexpected activities or telling something which offends that person. Because

Would It Be Okay?

Would it be okay if I took some of your time? Would it be okay if I wrote you a rhyme? Would it be okay if I opened my heart? Would it be okay if I took on the part Of being your man and

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