Tale of You and Me

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Tale of you and me!


I saw you standing beneath my sword

With your heart surrendered without a word

Blazing lightning failed to frighten your heart

But, I fell apart.

Glare of your eyes broke my dreams

And brought me to the world of breachers!

Breached of trust, breached of love

I lay here dead and cold!

Their words kill me every day

Why did not you leave me in my grave?

You brought me out of my bed

And gifted me a life I hated.

They won’t allow us to live together

That truth made my heart to shatter

Their promises are fake

Just like their ugly tales of forsaking.


Our tale was the only truth

In the world which loved to boast!

I was happy there in the grave

With my shattered heart wanting to see you again.

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Stay away from me, stay away from me

Let me be in a world of  peace, where I can be me

Understand it ain’t the tale of Romeo and Juliet

But you and me!

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