Tamil Nadu to impose ban on Electronic Cigarette?

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After the 8 Indian states, next Tamil Nadu is to impose laws against the use of e-cigarettes, including its manufacturing, import and also the distribution of the stuff is to considered illegal- says the health minister C Vijaya Baskar.

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“Tamil Nadu is not the first state to ban e-cigarette,” said S Cyril Alexander, state convener of Tamil Nadu People’s Forum for Tobacco Control.

The Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2018 shows that about 20% of the total population of the state consume tobacco as compared to national average of 28.8%. Tobacco inhaling leads to severe respiratory diseases including lung cancer and stroke.

As the report conveyed that the encouragement of e-cigarettes is mainly among the 15 years old. These start with hookah at the parties, and then they end up ordering cigarettes online and getting addicted to the various vaping flavours.

But according to S Cyril Alexander, the ban was important as e-cigarettes did more harm than good. The products, sold as vapes, mods or e-cigarettes, come in different sizes but mostly resemble a conventional cigarette.

Although the advertisements claim the use to be harmless or less harmful than cigarettes, the doctors say that the research is yet to be done.  “Studies clearly show an increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases. Its safety is debated by doctors and policymakers across the country. We have decided to ban it for now,” said minister Vijaya Baskar.

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