Ten Reasons Why Anime Is better than Movies

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We all know anime is better than Hollywood movies (okay, okay. some movies are good), but why is anime better? Actually, in all seriousness anime has advantages over the typical Hollywood movie.Let’s take a look at some of these advantages.

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Great Characters

Anime characters have a real personality that makes them relatable. Have powerful and motivational characters like Naruto and Izuku Midoriya.Anime Characters are unique and have a real personality that makes them who they are. There’re Lots of Anime characters with great personalities like Goku, Luffy, and Naruto.

Emotional Connection With The Characters

Due to anime being able to have an actual serious nature, I feel for the characters. Anime is different because they let me connect with making the characters real and relatable. Even if we’re not talking about heavily emotional anime where I cry over characters dying or being seriously injured (Kagari from Psycho Pass and Izaya from Durarara), I still feel emotions for the characters.

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Strong Female Characters

Anime tends to objectify women more, and when it does have strong female characters, they just make that the whole point of their character with no other defining character trait (looking at you Ezra and Yoruichi).Strong anime woman: Erza Scarlett, Chi Chi, Izumi Curtis, Olivier Armstrong, Rica Hawkeye, Aisha Clan Clan, Android #18, Nami, Twilight Suzuka, Sakura Haruno and the list goes on.

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Better Story

Anime has lots of depth in the story. There usually is a deeper meaning you can get out if it.In animation, characters grow a lot in person. They change through their experiences. I think anime also can grasp the watcher’s attention even if they don’t like the art because of the story. (That’s how I ended up loving Naruto, even though I never watched it because I thought it was a childish, stupid anime) I think the plot lines in anime are really clever and well thought out. Speaking of the better story lets take a look at FMA and Naruto. Each episode of Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto has a lot of great action, funny moments, and overall each feel which has some good messages for kids.

 Great Music

Anime music is always nice to hear even if it’s an anime for younger viewers.You see you may not get what the songs mean but they get me and you into it (I’m talking about DBS and Fairy tail, Tokyo Ghoul and so on). Talking of which I want you to listen to Tokyo Ghoul’s OST (Unravel). It’s a song that can live an impression on you for some time.

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Better Fight Scenes

Anime exaggerates them so you can’t help loving them! Don’t believe me? Watch Naruto/DBZ and you’ll see.This is what I love about anime almost all the time.
The fight scenes in some anime are intense and yet violent but that’s okay.Anime scenes are pretty realistic.


Helps Viewers Escape Reality

I agree.Anime really does help people escape reality. Most can’t do that by watching movies.It really does. Watching Naruto, I imagined being from one of the Hidden Villages.Anime has more meaning in them. You are bound to feel like you belong there, especially in the top animes like Naruto and DBZ. Once you start watching them, you get into the story so much that you feel its absence when the series is complete.

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Cute and Compassionate Characters

I personally think that the characters in anime, both boys and girls are cuter/prettier/ more handsome than most cartoon characters. Sure, they all look like they have the same face, but that’s the point of ART STYLE. Each anime has different art styles from each other which makes it quite refreshing. And they don’t have the same body builds and bodily features.

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Life Lessons

Especially in a slice of life types of anime, and realistic anime that take place in high school or throughout the characters life, anime always gives you a moral or a lesson that is taught in the anime. Even when it’s a fighting type of anime, or is a fantasy anime or sci-fi, there is always a deep meaning behind the depth of the story and the characters background.Anime teaches you things that you don’t get taught in the real world, they teach you to fight for yourself, to live for your friends, not to fear because fear itself is not real and anime makes you who you are right now.

Sometimes anime movies are way better than the Hollywood movies in many aspects. They help you in escaping from reality and many other things which are discussed above. Moreover, animation lets your take liberties live-action simply can’t–such as pausing an explosion for some expository dialogue. Live-action movies that use CGI to do this come off as jarring and unrealistic. Somewhere animation movies or series can be connected to a person’s life where a Hollywood movie can’t.

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