The Epic Past

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The epic past reminded him of his memories. He used to walk down the lane every evening to drop her at the bus stop. When it rained, she held his hand under the umbrella, shared their thoughts and waited there at the crossing, looking at each other.

Yesterday the sky was overcast with insane grey clouds. He was sitting beside the window, looking at the azure sky, thinking about her. Maybe she was his bygone, still, memories brought out her presence. He closed his eyes, pretended to feel her, in the dark room. But the violet flash stroke outside, ran into his thoughts.
He dressed up, ran down the street with the recollected memories. He got up, ran down the stair case and hurried down the same street where they used to stand few months ago, desperate in finding her here and there to live his daydream. The purity of love made him innocent. Small drops started drizzling from the grey mist. Perhaps his sufferings made the rain drops to be bigger and finally the heavy shower cleared out its way.
He was standing alone near the crossing. Tears-filled-eyes made no difference with the water drops rolling down over his cheeks.The frequent thunder stroke presented him as the flashback of five years of relationship with her. Surprisingly he was trembling- perhaps trembling with the broken expectation of harsh reality. It was raining quite heavily. The automated traffic signals were the only unfortunate like him, to stand beside the roads in the heavy rain and control the traffic.
In course of time, the intensity of the rain started decreasing. The bus stop where they used to stand was gradually coming to his vision. He was moving slowly towards the stop. The busy world had possibly rested in peace in his thoughts.


Suddenly a fulmination followed by a husky sound deepened down from the sky. The entire environment was seeming to be horrified. Down the road, a mob gathered near the bus stop. Few people was running to join the mob from different corners. Rain started to become heavier slowly. The hazy background, the lonely signals, empty streets again played their determined role but in addition due the rain water mixed up with blood was running down the street, he was lying over the street with a fractured body. A truck had run over him.
Severe injuries over his body confirmed everyone about his death. The body lied with opened eyes looming at the sky. His blood fertilized their memories  which grew over 5 years but ended without a beautiful end. A stream of blood flow oiled with rain water flowed the slope towards the bus stop and ran into the cesspool.
Perhaps emotion affected humanity instead of humanity affecting emotion.

image: tumblr

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