Tinder! The Dating Site or The Faking Site? Right Swipe – It’s A Match!

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Relationship! What is it? A girl and a boy coming together with an agreement that they might tolerate each other no matter what the circumstances be. But then, that tolerance level also comes to an end when either of them decides that they can no longer accept the very behavior which was earlier accepted to be cute and adorable. During the post-breakup period, we are accompanied by our “Bhule Jabi! Ektu nijeke time de”, friends, Atif and Arijit hits and so-called tanhaiyan.

I was also not an exception. Even my post-breakup had the same stuff but with an addition. Yes, I also had a friend called Tinder, who entertained me whenever I was off.

Tinder, the online dating site. The site where singles or rather the desperate singles spend their leisure time swiping left or right. Left swipe means rejection while right swipe meant a chance and if the message pops “congratulations! You both liked each other”, it’s an icing to the cake.

But why Tinder when you already have Facebook? The one and only, rather the most important advantage of the app is that you can simply filter out the gender you are interested in. Also, you don’t need to ask “Are you single?”. Trust me, exploring the app is fun and you also come across people with different opinions on relationships. The concept of the dating website is always looked down upon by us and nobody accepts he or she has an account on any of the dating websites.

Just before I started writing on the topic I asked a few in my contacts about what’s their views on it or else have they ever used the app. I came up with replies like “Faltu hai!”, “kaun use karta hai!”, etc. But I got some honest replies too and a few shared their experiences.

So, opening an account on tinder is easy. Get the app from the play store, install it, create an account, edit your bio, put some of your adorable pictures (maybe even some sexy ones), select the area coverage, your interest and also the age group and you are done. Congratulations! You are ready to swipe your choices. The app will give a lot of choices to swipe left and only a few to swipe right. While swiping left, you might also find the most eligible single around.

The interesting part about left swipes is, you find 22 years old kakus or 18-year-old kakimas too. At this part, I remember a suggestion that popped up my screen. He had a name that was tough to pronounce and it clearly said he was 20 years old, but as the picture got loaded I was surprised to find a man who seemed to be elder to my dad. Seeing that, I came to a conclusion that the young old man might blow candles on 29th February. I really wished to swipe him right and ask the formula to stop the age by numbers not skin but then I swiped left.

Not only age but also some people are so confident that they put up pictures showing iPhone or their six-pack abs including chiseled chest or broad shoulder which make women swipe their thumbs right or else give them super likes.

One of my friends shared his experience. On a fine day, he was right swiped by a pretty chick. He took the initiative and sent “Hi”. The girl replied and the conversation started. Then the girl asked permission to tell something about herself. The boy asked her to go ahead. Then the girl came up with a line “I am a gay”. Don’t get confused. The truth behind the pretty face was that he was just a frustrated young man whose hormones used to get excited by not seeing a woman or lady but a man. I pity for my friend. Such a poor guy he was!

According to some people, Tinder means bluffing. But this is totally a wrong concept. Tinder is a platform where you come across people with same taste, different concepts about love and also lust. Whenever you start a conversation with a match you always ask two questions. First, “What made you swipe right?” and second, “Why Tinder?”.

What made you swipe right is always answered in a manner to impress your match. Even if you swiped right just finding him/her cute, hot or sexy, you try maintaining your attitude and hunt around for words that don’t sound desperate or cheesy. Oops! I faced the same situation. But being too good at pretending, I said I was impressed by the words in your bio. This statement was given after making sure his bio is filled up with good words.

Then comes the most tricky question: Why tinder? I used to think, people join tinder just because they are single. This answer was easy, isn’t it? But guys, Tinder is not only limited to interested singles but also to find partners for benefits, casual stuff and also relationships. I came across people who joined tinder just because they wish to make friends, to hang around and some also to have few benefits out of it. Yes, there are also people who wish to find that perfect partner for lifetime.

Generally, people join tinder either because they are single for long or else they miss that very person to love or lust. Tinder is just like any of the other chatting apps but with a few exceptions. People may use it to find partners for various relationships. Some for friendship some for friends with benefits. But then it is us and not the app who decides the relationship among us. This is us who decides what kind of relationship we choose with the partner we met in the app.

If you seek my advice (only the singles), at least for once have an account in tinder and trust me, you will never regret installing the app. You get to know people’s mentality and also you get to learn new theories on life, love and relationships. You get suggestions that leave you amused and also you might find people you can connect to. It has been a couple of months I am exploring the app and yes I can say proudly that I have a match I can connect to.

So, what are you thinking? Get the app and start swiping.

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