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Kolkata has rightly been called the ‘City of Joy’ by French author Dominique Lapierre. The City celebrates life like few others do. Fabricated by art, culture, and history, beauty runs in Kolkata’s lanes. While this generation is going crazy over Instagram, a photo and video sharing, social networking service, here are top 10 Instagram Pictures of Kolkata That Capture The Spirit Of The City Of Joy. Let us take a look:

1. Victoria Memorial: The Queen’s Way.


This monument epitomising beauty and elegance is dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria. This grand and exquisite memorial stands as a reminiscence to the rule of British Crown in India.

This place is a must visit when you are in Kolkata. The lush green environment around the memorial and the water bodies makes it popular among the photographers and the Instagrammers.




2. Indian Armed Forces

Kolkata was the capital city of India from 1772 to 1911. Today it is one of the metro cities of the world and the capital of West Bengal, the state sharing its border with Bangladesh.

The Ordnance of the Ministry of Defence, the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers and the Eastern Command of the Indian Army are all headquartered in the city. The U.S Consulate in Calcutta is the US Department of State is second oldest Consulate and dates from 19 November 1792.

3.    Citylights


If you’re in Kolkata, one thing you definitely can’t miss is its nightlife. An Instagram photo of the top view of the city at night can get you bewildered if this is still India. With innumerable bars, pubs and nightclubs Kolkata has it’s own party spirit.
Just hop into a cab at 1 in the night and you’ll feel the grandeur of the city.
Balwant Singh Dhaba Bhawanipore is an evidence of how much people here enjoy the nightlife. Some of the best nightclubs include Roxy in Park Street and Nocturne in Shakespeare Sarani Road.


4.Morning in Kolkata


While the nightlife is loud and exciting, Kolkata also has a soothing and peaceful side. The mornings of this city have a special charm in them.

The trams have preserved their romantic, old-world charm, adding to the beautiful character of the city of joy.  Trams have been intimately associated with the history and lifestyle of Kolkata and have been portrayed time and again in popular culture. Kolkata is the only Indian City, having an operational tram network.

We hope to see the tramways as a potential and sustainable mode of alternative transport in the coming years in Kolkata to gift our children a pollution free world.

5. A Sunday Lunch


For the Bengalis, there’s something special about a Sunday lunch.The unhurried pace. The pleasure of childhood indulgences. The sinful bhajas. Not one, but a decadent array of them. Or the delectable dessert. The eclectic conversations. Philosophy and Politics. Confucius and Cricket. Tagore and Tintin. The conversations that shall inevitably morph into debates. Animated. Fiery. And of course the irresistible mutton or chicken curry. Barring which the Sunday lunch, however elaborate, would never be complete.

For the food lovers of Kolkata, the picture of a Sunday lunch is a must in their Instagram handle.


6. Milkshake and icecreams


One of the common uploads of the foodies of Kolkata is the extremely delicious Chocolate Milkshake. The cafeterias around the city serve this delectable recipe.

If you are in Kolkata and you love eating( which almost everyone does :p), look around for the cafes and the restaurants. There are plenty of them which will satisfy your taste buds with the variety of cuisines. From Chinese to American and even Parsi.

Nahoum’s and Sons in New Market is the only and the oldest Parsi bakery in the city.



7. The Biyebari


Bengal is incomplete without the biye and the biyebari…

Pictures of the beautiful bride draped in the traditional red benarasi saree and adorned with gold jewellery is a must upload for the bengali people in their Instagram.

The beautiful decor, the lip-smacking dishes and the fun of the wedding makes the winter season most special for the Bengalis.



8. The City of Sports Lovers’


Cricket and Football are the most popular sports here.

When it comes to supporting our home teams in IPL or ISL , the people here becomes most excited about visiting the stadium and cheering for their favourite players. The enthusiasm can be seen it at its peak when East Bengal plays against Mohun Bagan. What Real Madrid vs Barcelona is to the people of other countries, its East Bengal vs the Mohun Bagan for the Bengalis.

Kolkata is the home to Eden Gardens and Salt Lake stadium, 2 of the greatest stadiums in the world.


9. For the book lovers’


Pictures of College Street is not a usual upload in Instagram. But this place in a must visit for all the book lovers. College Street has got one of the largest collection of books which are sold at much cheaper rates.

When in College Street you can satisfy your hunger by eating at the famous Indian Coffee House. Paramount, the shop selling sherbet and syrups is also located in this area.




10.The Howrah Bridge.

The Howrah Bridge connects Kolkata to the other districts. And the pictures of the bridge and its banks are a common upload in Instagram. When someone says Kolkata, the first thing that pops up in your mind is the Howrah Bridge.

This picture is not a usual one. As the picture says it is about the poverty of this city and the state of West Bengal. Thousands of people in West Bengal are still below the poverty line and they do not get regular two square meals in a day.

The Government is working a lot. But we have still a lot to do to improve the economic and the social background of the city.

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