Top 5 Plots That Proves Why Ray Was A Legend!

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Nowadays, Bengali films are all about the same stories being repeated in different forms. Boy meets a girl, the boy falls in love with the girl and the first half of the movie is spent by just showing the ways in which the boy puts his feeling in front of the girl, who accepts him at the end. After that, there is always a rowdy antagonist who tries to kill the Hero, but in the manages only to ruin his life and his fellow mates’. In the end, the story ends on a happy note, and the couple lives a happy unrealistic life.

This is what is called typical commercial plot for a movie in Tollywood. Although there are directors who do films with a very respectable message in them, those films are almost overshadowed by the commercial movies.

I was spending my weekends, watching this same stuff, getting bored and thinking, was this the condition of the Bengali silver screen before? I decided to take a look back at those classic films. That is when I found out, some brilliant artwork of the world-famous director writer-artist Mr. Satyajit Ray, a Bengali veteran who made Bengal proud, by winning the Oscar, showcasing his astonishing talents. So here is in front of you some of Mr. Rays brilliant plots; short stories, short films, and movies; that you can give a watch after reading this article.

  1. Two:

A 1964 short film, directed by the veteran, portrays two children in a contrasting image of there status. The film is based on the long-living agenda, Rich, and Poor. It shows how a child from a prosperous family finds his way of entertainment from artificial yet worth admiring stuff and toys, that has a touch of elegance to it. Whereas, it shows how a poor little boy from slums takes enjoys his day, by making his own toys, out of scrap material and nature. Ray’s mind was so brilliant that he showed, in his film, the outcome of what would happen if these two children came face to face and started showing off their equipment of entertainment to one another and compete against each other.

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2. Pikoo

No, it’s not the very famous film by Amitabh Bachchan, its another 198 short film, casting veteran actors like Aparna Sen and Victor Banerjee, portraying how the days spent during childhood, are always pure and beautiful. It shows a six-year-old boy Pikoo, who spends his holiday playing, drawing and roaming around the house, watching the guard have his lunch, teasing the neighbor’s dog, playing with his old sick grandfather, acting ill like him. It shows the innocence of the boy, and how he is shielded from the harsh outside world, where wife cheats on his husband, people are so busy in their self-created problem, that they forget to live the original essence of life. How to find beauty in nature, how to socialize with people unbiased of their status, all these traits can only be seen in that innocence of that boy. The films show some amazing clips, that has moralizing inner meaning to it. It shows how the boy, protest what he thinks is impure and can affect his white heart. The film ends on a sad note, showing the young boys reaction after finding his grandfather, dead in his bed, which may be very emotional, but its a must watch.

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3. Anukul

Satyajit Ray wrote an amazing story, which was picturized recently in 2017 with a modern touch to it, named Anukul, that shows the way people used to treat servants and is based on the fact if you hit someone inferior to you constantly, you should expect a fatal return blow from that person too. I won’t say much about this short film because it’s, best for you to see and get its actual taste by yourself.

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4. Chilekotha

The story starts with two friends who are on a road trip. On the way, they come near a place, which is one of the friend’s for father’s land. They decide to give a visit to the tea stall, where he spent his childhood. When they reach that place, this friend goes to some extraordinary turn of events that completing changes his mood, and he becomes extremely guilt-stricken. The story holds a suspense in it, and in the ned provides a message well known, that you always have chances to change your mistakes.

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5. Juti

Ray, was most famous for his suspense writings. His world famous characters like Tarini Khuro, Feluda, are evidence of such stories. Juti is a story of a man, who is fond of collecting movies and films for his art library. He hires an assistant and asks him to maintain that library. To list those films, to write a synopsis based on them. He gives him another task. He tells him about the famous comedy couple ‘Bishu and Shibu’ of their age. He says, that he played Bishu in those days, and has no information whereabout Shibu is. He wants him to find Shibu. The rest of the story is based on the way the assistant find Shibu and his adventures.

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Most of his plots, after his death, was screened by his son, Sandip Ray, who did a brilliant job. It was nice to see, that Bengali films, had so much in it, that is hardly seen nowadays.

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