Top 5 Reasonable Laptops One Should Buy

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It is hard to find the best tech in the market, that suits both your budget and your need. Hundreds of companies have emerged lately that it confuses our mind while choosing the best laptop that we need. Today I’m gonna list some of the reasonably priced laptops, depending on your choices and guide you through the hazards.

In this article, I’m gonna classify the laptops into three main classes-

  • Moderate user
  • Students
  • Gamers

So without any further adieu, let’s get started

  1. Moderate User: The laptops that are on this list, are not at all expensive, and can cruise through almost all little hardels that occur in day to day life. Be it net surfing, or powerpoint presentations, or light gaming on Facebook; these laptops are the most efficient and pocket-friendly

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Costing at a price of around 31,000/-, the company is going to give you all the necessary hardware packed in a slim 15inch chasey. ASUS VivoBook Max Series laptops are designed to give you a truly immersive multimedia experience. Powered by up to 7th-generation Intel® CoreTM i3 processor, Ultra-Light with weight just 1.9KG, 2.3mm Key travel distance for solid & responsive typing experience, 3 Watts dual speakers with big 24cc chamber, 15.6″ FullHD screen and exclusive SonicMaster audio incorporating ICEpower® technology, VivoBook Max Series gives you outstanding audiovisuals ever experienced on a laptop.

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The IdeaPad 320 is designed to handle any task with ease. With powerful processing, discrete graphics, and a streamlined design, you get the best of performance within the simplicity of this machine.Powered by up to 6th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor, a 115.6-inch display, Dolby Audio-optimized speakers by JBL, and Cortana – your very own digital personal assistant, the IdeaPad 320 is made to take on all your tasks, in style!Whether you want to create, or edit photos and videos, or play games and watch your favorite movies with crystal clear sound – you’ve got an easy choice to make. This laptop costs around 29,000/-, and is a good value for money.

2. Students: This category includes users, who are not just into work but likes light gaming and wants the laptop that can deal with their project. This list includes laptops, that are suitable for programmers. The requirements, such as light graphics card, high ram, good processors; at a very reasonable price, are met by these two laptops.

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Perhaps the best-balanced laptop, you can get. On sale, the price fluctuates between 43,000/- to 45000/-. This laptop at such a low price holds a Geforce 150 MX graphics card, that storm through games like FIFA 18, Dota, GTA 5, or CS Go. At this price p[opint, it is hard to think *-gen processors, but ACER give s i5-8250OU, which is incredible. At a disk space of 2TB, you can store thousands of movies according to your choice, without any fear of running out of any memory. It comes in many variants, and each of them is well priced and not that much expensive either, giving you a wide variety of choices.

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Sharing all most all the above-mentioned specs, this laptop from HP comings in a more slim variant. But for this, you need to pay 2000/- rs extra, as it is priced at 47000/-. So if you feel you really want a laptop that is slim and can support all the task above mentioned, go for it. But keep in mind, as the laptop becoming slimmer, heating issues increases.

3. Gamers: If you are a heavy gamer, and spend lots of time in front of your desktop, I’ll suggest you this laptop that is cost-efficient. I chose this laptop considering few things such as price, performance, and portability. No other laptops had this sweet spot other than this.

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This laptop comes in two variants consisting i5 and i7 7th gen processor. Considering the price of 1,09,999/- its built like a tank. With high performance, from the GTX1050 inside, it cruises through almost every game in 2018. Metal built, less flex, IPS panel, it gives you more than what you want at this price point. Reasonably thick, there is almost null thermal discomfort, and it has a wide variety of ports,  but do not expect to have a Thunderbolt 3 at this price point. DELL INSPIRON 17 7567 (A562103SIN9) LAPTOP (CORE I7 7TH GEN/16 GB/1 TB 256 GB SSD/WINDOWS 10/4 GB GRAPHICS) A laptop that offers powerful performance in a compact body it provides 16 GB ram 4 GB graphics coupled with 256 GB SSD makes sure that you never run out of fuel.

These laptops are so good that one will try to buy all the laptops. Don’t you think?

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