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Movies are one of the best media to motivate someone to start something.There are many awesome movies that inspire us to follow our heart, take difficult but important decisions.Sometimes just a movie of 1.5hr. can change our life totally.As example movies like 3idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Kai Po Che, M.S.Dhoni-The Untold Story etc. inspired many of us to think out of the box.For all these advantages I’m going to share my favourite top 5 movies, that can inspire someone for a start-up.

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1 .Steve jobs(2013):  This is the best movie for people who think they can’t do their dream job just because of their situation.This movie can also encourage to follow the inner voice.The movie shows us,  how a man nearly without any technical knowledge becomes the mastermind and creator of the revolutionary company, Apple.The movie also shows how to start from the least you have.Jobs and his fellow crew started their company in the garage of Jobs’ father.The movie also shows us how to overcome greatest failures in Jobs’ case he got fired from his own company.There are much more things to admire from the great personality through the movie.So, the 2.5hrs of the movie can give you a lot of precious qualities to take.



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2.Steve jobs(2015): This movie is also based on Steve Jobs biography.But unlike the 2013 version, this movie reveals untold stories of Jobs regarding Apple.The movie also shows the stylish, dominating, creative & confident nature of Jobs.You can find the value of “THINK DIFFERENT”.The relation between Jobs & his first daughter is revealed here. Like many other things, you can feel the essence of greatness in the movie.And trust me, the ending of the movie is just awesome.



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3.The Social Network: It is one of the most unique movies for me.I don’t know why but it’s very attractive.It’s about the creation of a very famous social network website, Facebook.Yes, you can get the whole story of Facebook.From Mark Zuckerberg’s blogging site “Zuckonit” to “Facebook”.The great effort, concentration and cool business mind are very catchy in the movie.It includes the stories of problems Zuckerberg faced for establishing Facebook.Some people may find negative sides of Zuckerberg, as he rejected Edwardo Saverin.But it’s very important movie for young entrepreneurs and creative mindset. You will enjoy the movie. And yes, it is an OSCAR winning film.



4.Guru:  Guru is a well-known Bollywood movie, on the great entrepreneur Dhirubhai Ambani.The ups and downs in his business and personal life are the main contents of this movie.The spirit, creative mindset, confidence,never-give-up attitude will attract you. Overall the starting growth of Reliance Industries is in the movie.The true potential of a  businessman is pointed in the movie.The exceptional business idea and awesome dialogues will get your attraction.Afterall the movie shows that you can make a giant company in India also and starting with almost no money.You can get a lot of confidence, as you can relate to the social structure of the movie.


5.Pirates of The Silicon Valley: Though the movie is last on the list this movie is special.The movie contains dual start up story of two great entrepreneurs. Guess who! It’s Bill Gates & Steve Jobs.They both started their journey nearly at the same time.Jobs started a little time before Gates.The movie explores some amazing shocking facts about Gates & Microsoft, you would love to know.The movie points out the relationship between Jobs and Gates, clash, business competition.You will thank me for recommending this movie after seeing the scene, how Gates started Microsoft. Above all the movie has so many awesome info about relations between Microsoft & Apple.

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