Transformer dream just got real by efforts of BMW and LETVISION !

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Ever since we were kids, there are very few kids who did’nt want a transformer. We still see our younger brothers get involved in a transformer game and the spark of excitement in their eyes just continues even in their teenage. Even now we go crazy if we see a action filled Transformer movie the way the Autobots fight with tactics. The Transformer Movie Series have injected in our mind “What if I had a transformer car? Could I really talk to them? ” Well friends your dream just got real!

A Turkish company LETVISION with collaboration with BMW has managed to convert what we think a 2013 BMW 3, into a 15 feet Transformer- LETRONS. Cool right? Since the transformer creation was an experiment for the 1st time, BMW could not donate its latest models to LETVISION. But why bother that when they can create a playful interactive and potential transformer like BUMBLEBEE with a 2013 BMW 3 ? Thats damn awsome !!

Ordinary Car?

Letvision started with an actual car for the conversion, so the Letron is a 1:1 scale representation of what an actual robot in disguise would look like. However, the conversion to transforming robot pretty much occupies the much of the vehicle’s interior with hardware, so it can only be driven remotely with a Wi-Fi controller.When in car mode, the Letron can move and turn under its own electric power, but things get interesting when the transformation is triggered. The transformation from car to bot is accomplished with a combination of hydraulics and electric motors and takes just under a minute.

That’s the beast!

Built by 12 engineers, the four models available – Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram, and Tanta were built in Ankara. Its head turns 120 degrees thanks to a motor, and a hydraulic control system offers the technology need to lift the car up on its ‘legs’. As well as having sound system, an HD LCD, and WiFi technology, the cars have moving ‘arms’ and lights, as well as reactive cameras to perform speech and movement capabilities. Look where artificial intelligence has brought us. Ever thought you too can  speak with your own car? Thought that your car can be your friend too? The LETRON can be the beast built just for you but…..

Perhaps the weirdest detail is that Letvision will build and sell you a Letron of your own, but only “if the buyers’ project and their reasons for use meet the criteria of the Letrons team.” Presumably, that means they won’t build me an army of evil car-bots armed with flamethrowers. Pricing for the world’s largest action figure has not been stated. But the only drawback on which the company has claimed to be working on is that The car is yet to be designed for road use. Since it’s only tested by remote control, and there is no seat for anyone inside, LETVISION has promised that they will make it up soon.

Oh! one thing this car is not going to be so cheap as you are probably thinking. But technology has its own price! Letrons may be the future base of our daily lives, but there are more developments yet to come and we hope that we can be that Sam who can be the best friend of our own Bumblebee. 

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