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What is love? A very common question which is asked by a lot of people. But can anybody ever define love? Personally, I feel no. Love has different definitions for different people for some it is happiness for some it is a priority and for some love is life.

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So let me tell you a story, the story of a girl for whom love was a sacrifice. Love was him. She was always the kind of girl who dealt life emotionally but at the same time had huge self-respect which people termed as ego.

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She always had that thinking in her mind that she can never fall for someone so deeply that it would lead her to come down on her knees. She had always been that strong headed girl who knew that her respect was above all and she won’t ever bend down for any person apart from her parents. Then one day she met him and little did she know what was written for her in the near future. She very casually started meeting him and a journey of long late night talks started. Little did she know that she was such a good listener and she listened to all his stories and always gave him a support during his loneliness, she stood like a pillar to him but little did she know that she has started falling for him too. She knew he wouldn’t stay and this friendship won’t stay long but her craving to talk with him increased day by day. But still being that egoistic girl she controlled her emotions. But fate had its own twists and turns as days passed by the efforts by her prince increased and she started feeling that he could do anything for her but can never let her go. She trusted his words blindly and somewhere she was getting lost in those words and days were going quite well. Until one day came when she wanted to confront about everything but she was shattered to know the result that he can stay with her forever like this but can never give her a promise to be with her forever and she can never have any right on him. There cannot be any name for this bonding. She got to her feet and promised her to never turn and look at him. But she loved him and how can she ever forget that person whom she loved the most, trusted the most and kept him above all.She couldn’t control her hands from typing that text and sending it to him. Still, she wanted him to be there in her life may be for anything. She could compromise at any level for him to stay.  She couldn’t accept him leaving nor she could believe that. But was this that arrogant pampered girl?? She couldn’t recognize that girl in the mirror who was once so self-confident so chirpy but now a dead soul. And how much could she cry more, all her tears were dried. People told her to forget him to move on but how could she make anybody understand there is a difference between moving on and being happy. Now she had no expectations from anybody now, she died from within. She believed anybody can make you feel special and put all efforts to be with you but then can say that they cannot stay with you. Efforts had no meaning for her now. She had already given the best place of her heart to that person and it’s just gone. But she knew she loved him truly so always his happiness has mattered to her so this time also she could sacrifice her biggest dream to stay with him for fulfilling his biggest dream. What else could she ask for apart from his happiness! She can never see a drop of tear in his eyes. She was dying day by day and getting weaker and weaker but still gained and joined all her pieces for the next day with a smile on her face. Nobody knew that small girl had turned into a lady with a strong heart. Nobody knew her tears apart from her and nobody knew she was dying inside behind that shining smile. But she a think she cannot lose him at any cost because for her without love there is no hope no life and her definition of love were always him. She could die day by day but couldn’t imagine her life without him.

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