What do your sleeping positions tell about your personality?

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We all sleep in various positions which is totally decided subconsciously. But these positions have to tell a hell lot about our personalities. Yes, it does!  So following are the few common sleeping positions:

  • The position in which a person slumbers in one side, with legs stretched straight and arms kept by their side, known as LOG position. The body seems to be stiffed. People who sleeps in this position are rigid. They are usually simple, easy going, loves socializing and are ambitious.   One prefer being in the A-list crowd .

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  • Similar to log position , we have a position called YEARNER. In this one sleeps in the similar manner as in the former position, the only difference is their arms are kept stretched out in front of them like that of a mummy. People who choose this position to sleep  are said to be open and inviting. They take time before coming to any conclusion or making a decision. But they are also stubborn and suspicious and often cynical. 

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  • The next position is FETAL position. The person sleeps in one side keeping both the legs curled up. According to survey, people who sleeps in such manner may appear to be tough but they are in real shy and too sensitive. They  easily gets panic and also over think about the situation they are kept in. They give a lot of heed to what others think about them. 

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  • The SOLDIER , as the name suggests , one sleeps in an ATTENTION position ie.  the person sleeps slumbered on their back with arms and legs kept straight. They are serious kind of persons and are with bad temper. These people have high expectations about themselves and also about the people around them. They also have the tendency to snore.

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  •  The next position is the FREEFALLER. The position is when one doses off on their stomach keeping their hands wrapped around the pillow. They are open minded, gregarious and are of playful personality.   But freefaller sleepers are also secretly anxious and crave control. Although they tend to be risk takers, they’re surprisingly sensitive to criticism as well. 

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  •  The STARFISH position. These sleepers sprawl out over the whole bed, carefree and comfortable. They are often called “spread eagle ” sleepers. They do not prefer being the center of attraction but still doesn’t mind being in such positions from time to time. They always come forward as a helping hand . They do not think twice before replacing a friend in trouble.

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  • The Thinker,  this position is similar to the fetal position, except you’ll always have a hand gently resting on your chin. In such sleepers emotions run high and tend to vary between two extremes for whoever finds themselves sleeping in this manner.

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 I have got a similar personality which corresponds to my sleeping position. Didn’t you?

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