WhatsApp to Roll Out Stickers !

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Bored of just sharing photos, emojis, and GIFs over Whatsapp? You have got something more interesting to it. After Line, Wechat, Hike, FB messenger, now Whatsapp is is all set to launch its new feature – the Stickers. Yes, you read it right. The most awaited feature is now going to be a part of the most widely used social messaging apps. It will be available to its Android and iOS users in the updated 2.18.329 version in the upcoming weeks. 

Talking about the Sticker Packs, it comprises of 12 packs available for free downloading starting from smiley teacups to crying broken hearts. Additionally there is a link to download distinguished sticker packs directly from Google Play Store. Not only this, Whatsapp has added support for third-party sticker packs as well. This will allow developers from the nooks and corners across the globe to create stickers for the said platform. 

Now, let us have a quick glance as to how to access this exciting feature.

  • Open keyboard in a chat, where users should see a new sticker button.
  • Open keyboard in a chat, where users should see a new sticker button.
  • A new Stickers Store will open when users click on the sticker button.
  • WhatsApp also has a dedicated Sticker Category that one can access by tapping the + icon at the top.
  • One can download as many sticker packs they like.
  • Next, users can simply select the sticker they want to share and send to chat.
  • WhatsApp stickers can be accessed from WhatsApp Web as well app.
  • There is a favourite tab as well, which allows users to mark their favourite stickers by tapping on the star option.
  • The history tab shows all the previously used stickers in one template. 

So, why just limit yourself to words, emojis, and a few reactions? STICKER IT OUT!!! LET’S MAKE COMMUNICATION FUN!

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