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When innovation beckons, innovators respond. And what better call of innovation than Asia’s largest technical and Entrepreneurial festival, Techkriti. Techkriti has been a premier platform for technological breakthroughs and has been lauded by dignitaries such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, mathematician Vlamidir Voevodsky, NASA’s ex-astronaut Michael Foreman, physicist David Griffiths to name a few.

Since its advent in 1995, Techkriti has been a flag-bearer for setting up platforms of innovation to help people stay abreast with the happenings of the tech world so that they can infuse their creativity and innovation with it to bring out the best that we all have. To deliver on that front, Techkriti 2018 brings workshops on sixth sense robotics, android app development, gesture-controlled robotics, AI and augmented reality to name a few. For those prime-movers who have the zeal to learn, this may well possibly be your best opportunity to have a first-hand experience with the tech you and I crave for.

Walter Lewin, the Dutch astrophysicist, and former professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the IIT Kanpur students.

The heavyweights are having a turn of their own, with ground-breaking workshops and boot camps by Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and AMD. Cloud Computing by Amazon, App Integration by Microsoft and Printed Circuit Board Design by AMD offer wave after wave of knowledge. Surely, no knowledge surfer will let go of the opportunity to master these waves.

This gold mine in IITK is sure to attract every Smaug, so be sure to face the toughest competition. International events like Techkriti Grand Prix, Robowars and Skysparks are Arkenstone’s up for grabs. And with the promise of internships in AICRA to the top performers, expectations are high, but not high enough for the brilliants innovators to smash them. Higher the stakes, tougher the competition. As the fire of the competition burns hotter, your edge over others turns sharper. Allow Techkriti to be the blacksmith, your skills to be the metal and these competitions to be the furnace.

The prize money keeps on climbing, and this year Techkriti has 42 lakhs there for the taking. As the gold mine is dug deeper and the treasure overflows, your share of the loot is up for grabs. The royal court of the richest and the best fest of IITK lauds the winners with the most precious gifts.

Techkriti has had a rich culture of hosting incredible and stirring talks, inviting the leading experts and incomparable speakers. These talks are sure to be the spark and motivation which will fuel your future endeavors. The words of people like Jitendra Nath Goswami (Moon man of India), Bipin Rawat( chief of army staff, Indian army) and Simon Taufel ( The Australian umpire), MK Amir Peretz (former defence minister and former DPM of Israel) to name a few have often been the path-liers of countless success stories. With the vision to guide budding minds, Techkriti 18 feels proud to invite such dignitaries.

Talking about new technology and innovations, a number of exhibitions are planned this season to bring technologies and innovations from every nook and corner of the world. Techkriti 18 has left no stone unturned to ensure that all who participate in this mega-fest get hands-on experience of mind-blowing tech, Chandrobot, Humanoid Nino, ETH Zurich and UM bikes to name a few. Imagine your imagination coming to life because people all around the globe will exhibit the impossible through 21-century magic.

In the age of startups, the entrepreneurial events have a buzz of their own. Techkriti aims at mentoring budding entrepreneurs, giving them the right guidance and introducing them to the vast network of VCs, investors, incubation hubs and successful entrepreneurs. Events like ‘Pitch Prime’ and ‘Upstart Pioneer’ will train your mettle and prepare you to transform your innovation into real-world entrepreneurial ideas.

Hard workers party harder. Keeping in line with this idea, Techkriti has Biswa Kalyan Rath( ‘sabse mast aadmi’) and Willy Williams ( the party animal from MiGente) to turn up the party and Megaworld and Fun-T a.k.a havens of exhilaration. Exuberance overflows as the night descend and the music starts. EDM night and performances by renowned artists (celebrities party hard too!) overpower the crowd, creating a trance that cannot be described, only experienced.

Jump up on the ship, for the sails are up and the course is set. Voyages of knowledge and adventures of learning beckon. This experience of absolute bliss awaits you. IIT Kanpur, the campus of opportunities will be lit up, bask in it for the sun of innovation burns brightest here.

Techkriti ’18 is being held from 15 – 18 March.

For further information visit https://techkriti.org/

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