This New Renewable Energy Startup is making it possible to generate electricity without using up our natural resources.

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The biggest concern for the future of Earth(after “whether Fidget spinners will prevail as a toy?”) is whether or not, we will be able to sustain energy so that there will be a future for the Human species on Earth. This concern led to new discoveries and people all over the world started working towards developing new ways to generate energy.And a Kolkata-based Startup is bringing that dream to reality.

W&E Corporations is a startup company formed by a group of young engineers from finest technical institutes of India Including IIT Kanpur & supervised by patent researchers of India.

W&E is founded by Diptiman Chattopadhyay and Akshat Srivastava, both have high hopes and belief for their product and as they say, they are driven to deliver the quality products in today’s market.

My technology is patented, technically proven and tested, also took opinions of IIT Bombay and MIT professors and Higher technological industries technical experts having PhD level education in thermodynamics. also done international search report(ISR) from PCT, WIPO that is very much positive hence my technology is techno-economically feasible and viable.” says Devendra Purohit, an Independent Researcher of W&E Corporations, Kolkata.

So how does it work?

“In the areas where atmospheric temperature is very high in summer season like deserts of Rajasthan and Death Valley USA, there bore well water is cold in comparison, this system works in reverse direction. Condenser (heat exchanger) is immersed/sink inside the water below around 35 to 300 feet of underground water in any bore well and feeding working fluid, CO2 in liquid form pumping up with the help of feed pump inside thermally insulated pipe connected to evaporator situated at ground or surface of earth land, now these high pressure gas/ vapor of working fluid enter into a turbine expander and this vapor after driving turbine exiting and going back into condenser coils in the bore well.”

WnE Corporation

And the Result?

  • Sustainable source of energy.
  • Emits no CO₂, no NO₂ or other harmful substances.
  • No fuel required at all.
  • Renewable source of energy.

I’m Not challenging any existing law of physics nor it is against energy conservation law, I’m not producing energy here, however, I’m just converting low or high-temperature heat of surrounding atmosphere/ground surface air’s to rotating and reciprocating motions thus the turbine or heat engine and eventually in massive usable electricity.” Says Devendra.

Unfortunately people forgot this immense source of energy after failing or say partially successful in late 1981. required technology and material was not available that time.” He adds.

The Co-founders of W&E Corporation promise that more solutions in the energy sector especially focusing on renewable energy will be coming soon from W&E Corporations and they will never stop innovating and working harder towards bringing out better possibilities for the future energy requirements.


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