World Became So “Numb”

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Image result for chester bennington amazing picturesThe world lived with their voices

Trying to imitate yours.

The world learnt to enjoy

With the rise of ‘Hybrid theory”.

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You made the nu-metal

Rule the world

Blazing billboard with

The “Meteora “ rising above all.

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You made the world gain more speed

As it just took “minutes to midnight”.

Again breaking the records

The albums sparkled with all its might.

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You held the stars in your fist

“A Thousand Suns” confirms this.

You were the catalyst that

Rekindled the glory of your band.

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Electrifying the beats

Your voice echoed

Among the “Living Things”

Starting from toddler to sixties.

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Heavier rock music

Hunted the hearts of rockoholics

With the advent of

“the hunting party”.

Image result for hunting party linkin park

You threw the lights

On the life of millions

With “ one more light”

Image result for one more light linkin park

And left us without a choice

But to mourn.

Thank you, Chester Bennington.

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